Best Breast Pump

Breast pumping is the real deal for all lactating mothers. With the use of a breast pump, mothers will be relieved from breast pains brought about by lactation, especially when those adorable babies are not yet hungry. Breast pumps are considered as one of the most significant personal products for mothers. The best breast pump are those that bring comfort, ease, and convenience. There are so many innovated types for this product – electric pumps, single pump, one hand pump, and one pump system or double pump.

1.Best Hand Pump – Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Medela is a popular brand that gains the trust of many satisfied mothers. This brand has innovated some of the most widely used breast pumps in different types and models. The majority of their customers agree that their products are really helpful and efficient. One of the best-rated hand pumps under this brand is the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump.

This breast pump has a simple look and comes with a lightweight design. For the traveling moms, this is the perfect hand pump because of its portability and flexibility. You can take it with you anytime, anywhere. It has an Expression technology, a remarkable Medela patent, which enables 2 phases of breast pumping, thus permitting you to get more milk without compromising the comfort that you deserve. The handle has a smooth touch and easy-swivel capability so you will never feel discomfort even during long periods of gripping time. You can change the positions of your hand with convenience. When it comes to nipple compatibility, you need not worry because this is very flexible, which accommodates different types of nipple shields. You are even guaranteed of safety because all the parts are BPA free. Hence, you and your baby are secured from any kinds of chemical contamination.

2.Best Electric Pump – Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

Electric pumps are more efficient than manual breast pumps. It is generally run by electricity or by batteries. Contrary to what others are saying about its difficulty, electric pumps are very easy to use. You can simply hook the pumping device to your chest through a pumping bra, and everything else is good to go. You can perform the things that you want while the pump is working out on your breast to grab milk. One of the most efficient electric breast pump on the market today is the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump.

This breast pump is made from high quality and BPA-free plastic so you are ensured that your baby will be drinking your breast milk without any single chances of contamination. It is light in weight and has a good portability feature. What adds up to its coolness is the special bag that allows you to carry all of your breast milking stuff together. Through this, transporting from one place to another is convenient and less of a hassle.

The Medela Freestyle breast pump is a double breast pump. This means that it has two breast pumping devices that pump milk on your breasts simultaneously. If you think that this device hurts, you are wrong. The innovate features of the Freestyle pump ensures that there will be no discomforting experience throughout the pumping process. One of its most amazing features is the easily readable LCD display. It also comes with memory buttons so it will be easier for you to pump milk without making a significant amount of adjustments on it.

Indeed, this breast pump is time saving. For all the busy moms who want to become productive with their works, the Medela Freestyle breast pump is the perfect answer for your needs.

3. Best Double Pump – Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pump

The Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/ Single Breast Pump comes with a 4.4 lbs. weight and a 9.2 x 8.7 x 8 inches dimensions. It is lightweight and has an extremely silent pumping performance. It has a powerful electric breast pump system that is characterized similarly like those hospital-grade breast pumps. This device is effective in accommodating the needs of its users because of the adjustment setting. This setting allows you to adjust the suctioning speed manually. It also has a timer that aids you in regulating the pumping process. If you think you need to pump in the middle of the night, the night light feature makes night pumping easier. In addition to its great features, this breast pump has backflow filters. This feature maximizes proper hygiene as it serves as a barrier between the pumped milk and the breast pump.

On the other hand, the main challenge about this product is that it neither provides extra batteries for back-up nor a portable car charger. These drawbacks make its portability lesser compared to other breast pumps driven by electricity. Nevertheless, moms will still definitely love the Spectra Baby USA S2 Breast Pump given the abovementioned helpful features, its affordable price, and the level of comfort that it provides.

If you are searching for the best double breast pump product, we recommend you to go for the Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/ Single Breast Pump. What is with the product name? Yes, you are reading it right! It can function as a double breast pump or a single breast pump, so you can choose which of the two functions work best for you.

This breast pump has an entirely closed system. This provides ease and security, as you need not worry about the harmful things that might get your baby’s breast milk. If you are experiencing lactating pains and discomfort in the middle of the night, you can easily grab this device and let it pump milk because it has a nightlight with a very helpful timer. It functions real smooth and quiet so that your little babies, and even your significant other, will never be interrupted in their sleep.

In general, the entire system of this breast pump is adjustable and very easy to use. It pumps milk efficiently while giving you absolute comfort and convenience. There are so many models of double breast pumps on the market nowadays. With a wide array of selections, you might end up getting confuse which ones are the best product for your pumping needs.

4.Best Pumping Unit – Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump Starter Set-Model # 57081

The Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump Starter Set-Model # 57081 is the kind of breast pump unit that everybody wants to have. All of the things that you need for pumping milk is already included in one set. Because of its several useful features, this Medela product is considered to be the best breast pumping unit that satisfies value and practicality.

Knowing the Medela brand, you are guaranteed with high quality and BPA free materials. The milk that it will be placing inside its container is absolutely safe from any kinds of chemical contaminations. The product is designed to be a double breast pump, which accommodates both of your breasts in pumping out milk at once. While it is undergoing the pumping process, you are ensured that you will never have any feelings of discomfort and pains. Similar to other Medela breast pump models, this also comes with a “two-phase expression” – a technology that makes pumping more efficient and comfortable.

Another useful feature of this unit is its large, on-the-go 2 handled open-topped bag. The bag comes with storage pockets, so every important thing that you need to carry during your travel times are organized inside. You will no longer be getting another bag for additional feeding bottles, diapers, and what not. It is light in weight, making it really convenient for moving and transporting. Aside from the pumping system, other important inclusions of this product are the nipple shields, insulate cooler bags and the tubes.

There are still so many essential factors that you should be taking into account when looking for the best breast pumps. In this section, you will be exploring detailed information about breast pumps, including the best pumps from different categories.

5. Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra

Have you ever imagined yourself using a breast pump bra? Thanks to the innovators of this product because breast pumping now would not require you to use your hands. It is certainly amazing knowing that you can do several things while the pumping process is in progress. You can wash the dishes, make your accomplishment reports, read a magazine, catch-up email, beautify yourself, or chat with your girlfriends over the phone. All these things are possible while you are pumping milk for your cute baby.

True as it is, there are several hands-free pumping products existing on the market nowadays. But, among these products, the Simple Wishes hands-free breast pump bra prevails for the following reasons:

  1. This Simple Wishes product is absolutely hands-free compared to other breast pumping bra models. Even if the milk bottles are filled with milk and get heavier, still it never alarms you to use your hands.
  2. It has adjustable sizing, which accommodates up to 10 inches around your ribs. This is an amazing feature, considering that women tend to go through fluctuating bra sizes from the time of their pregnancies up to the time where babies are born.
  3. In cases where you feel that you want to seek for additional support, you can utilize the removal bra straps. These straps are designed to work well with you as it allows for three ways of adjustments.
  4. If you want to wear it over a standard nursing bra, you can do so. Simply pull down your nursing bra cups and you can securely place the pumping bra on the spot.
  5. There are women who really experience tough times when searching for their bra sizes in typical department stores. With Simple Wishes pumping bra, you will no longer find yourself shopping at exclusive retailers because the product selections can easily fit on different bra sizes.
  6. This hands-free pumping bra is 100% It is made from a washable and stretchable cotton fabric that can be washed under the normal hand washing procedures or through washing machines. You will also love the elastic material on its top, which provides a reliable fit.
  7. The features of this pumping bra are It does not only provides you efficient amount of pumped milk but also gives dependable comfort and support.
  8. It unleashes womanhood because of its soft pink color. The design is more feminine compared with other hands-free models.

You will surely adore the Simple Wishes hands-free breast pump bra because of its functional features, feminine design, and absolute usefulness.

Did you know that the product’s manufacturing company was established bymomtrepreneurs? Yes, they are four sisters who are all mothers. Most women would trust a company alsoestablished by women, especially if they are also using their innovations. Obviously, the creators seriously underwent a significant amount of time, experience, creativity, and thoughts just to come up with the Simple Wishes hands-free breast pump bra.

6.Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

If you are searching for a breast pump that would allow you to frequently, or occasionally, hand over milk-feeding duties to your significant other, then this Philips invention will work best for you. The Philips AVENT Manual Comfort Breast Pump is a single breast pump designed to workperfectly with all the AVENT feeding bottles. It does not use any forms of electric power or any other kinds of batteries.

Similar to other manual breast pumps, this product determines the quantity of produced milk relative to how much milk are you going to produce. However, the best thing about this is that it is more efficient than the other manual breast pump products because it is equipped with a powerful suction action like those that are being used in hospitals. To get the maximum benefits of this product, you need to be as efficient as possible in determining the right position and rhythm.

Moreover, this breast pump was innovated by one of the world’s trusted company name, Philips, together with some lactation consultants. Together, their aim is to provide a more efficient and relaxing expressing position for an easygoing milk flow.

What willyou love about this product?

The Philips AVENT Manual Comfort Breast Pump has a small built and is light in weight. Should you want to express while you are on the move, you can do so because it is versatile and flexible. You do not even have to worry about exposing yourself too much in public since you can carry it around discretely. The unit itself fits perfectly to your Avent feeding bottles making milk storage more convenient.

When it comes to parts assembly, this breast pump is time-saving. You can easily put it in and out of the feeding bottles. To maintain proper hygiene, you can easily place this pump in almost all models of sterilizers. Or, should you want it wash, you can place it inside your dishwashers. You just have to be careful with its small valve because it is highly susceptible to losing, especially if you place it in an inappropriate place. Nevertheless, because the pump has several gaps and openings, you might prefer cleaning it with your bare hands for a full cleaning result.

This manual breast pump is highly durable. It is recommended for express usage, but not for heavy-duty pumping routines. It would be too tiring if you keep on pumping milk manually on a regular basis, especially during the early days of feeding. There are also replacement parts included in your purchase so you will never have to worry about part replacements.

What shouldyou be watching out?

There is an extra rubber inlay included in the Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump model. This inlay is perceived to provide comfort when suctioning for milk and stimulate further milk flow. Some mothers appreciate this, however, others find it inconvenient and inefficient especially if the rubber inlay itself is not properly lined up to the breast. Thus, they prefer using the pump with the plastic flange alone (without the rubber inlay) as it provides more comfort throughout the pumping process.

While all other manual pumps are too exhaustive when use and normally consume time to express breast milk, this product is different. The ergonomically designed handle provides every mother an effortless hand-control when pumping for milk.

Overall, the Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump is efficient because of its powerful suctioning capability and very helpful because of its petite design. You will be getting a good value from this breast pump.

The Ideas of Breast Pumps

You may be wondering why there is a need for breast pumping when you can directly use your breasts in feeding your babies. In this page, you will be given the ideas about breast pumps and some of the essential information why there are moms who opt for breastfeeding with breast pumps instead of formula milk feeding.

Why should I be using breast pumps?

There are so many reasons why you should be using breast pumps. The primary reason would be that feeding babies with breast milk is way better than letting them drink formula milk. In fact, the world tells us that breastfeeding is highly recommended over formula milk feeding. Moreover, lactating is inevitably awkward, painful and unpleasant, especially when there is too much milk accumulating inside and your baby is not yet hungry. It would be better if you were able to look for alternative ways in loosening out much of the milk without wasting them. By pumping your breast, you are able to provide alternative access to your baby for your milk while keeping yourself at a comfortable state.

Another reason why pumping is needed because there are times that you maybe involve in a situation where you cannot breastfeed your baby. You might be running out important errands or attend important meetings and end up leaving your child with a babysitter or with your relative. In cases like these, the best option is to utilize the convenience of breast pumps so that your baby will still have access to your wholesome and healthy breast milk.

How do I use a Best Breast Pump?

Breast pumps are very easy to use. The simplest way would be buying a breast pump bra that easily wraps around your breast through its nipple shields, stick it up to the milk tubes, and just leave it pumping out your breast milk. For new users, it might be quite intimidating and uncomfortable, but you will be getting used to it over time. However, if you have particular breastfeeding issues, it is recommended to seek for your doctor’s advice about the best breastfeeding techniques that suit your needs well.

Why should I need to purchase a breast pump?

Breast pumps are intended for personal and exclusive usage only. For hygiene purposes, it is not a good idea renting one or getting two on loan. When you are the first user of the pump, you are giving a guarantee to yourself that you are using a breast pump with no hidden issues, thus you will feel more comfortable using it. Another good reason about purchasing your own pump is that, if you are planning for another addition to your family, you can still use the pump for the next baby.

Will I experience difficulty in cleaning a breast pump?

No. Cleaning a breast pump is extremely easy. You just need to consider a thorough cleaning to the milk tubes and the pump shields. You can place inside your dishwashers or just wash it with your bare hands. You can check for your breast pump’s manufacturer instructions so that you will have complete knowledge about the do’s and don’ts in cleaning out the pump.

What are the different types of breast pumps out there?

Breast pumps come in two types – double breast pumps and single breast pumps.

Double breast pumps arethe types of breast pumps that use both of your breasts simultaneously when pumping out milk. On the other hand, single breast pumps are the ones that pump out milk from single breast at a time.

There are two ways of breast pump performance. By manual pumping, you will be using a lot of your hand’s efforts while electric pumping uses electricity or batteries in pumping out milk.

Indeed, so many things are should be taken into account when you are looking for breast pumps. If you are planning to have a child or already expecting for a child, it is highly advisable to visit your pediatrician or breastfeeding specialist to give you reliable recommendations and options about breast pumping. In this way, you are providing the appropriate needs, not only of yourself, but also of your baby.


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