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Many people develops calluses on the feet because of exposure to intense friction when walking. These calluses are manifested by the build-up of hard, dead skin cells over the affected area. Commonly, they are present on the back, balls and sides of the feet. The presence of calluses may cause discomforts and irritations. Although this is not considered to be a serious skin disorder, still there are risks if left untreated. Moreover, it is way better when you know that your feet still have a pleasing and smooth appearance, right?

So, how are you going to get rid of those calluses? Below is a wide selection of the most effective callus removers on the market today.

Top 10 Best Callus Remover in the market

10.Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano Callus Remover

The Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano Electric Callus Remover works better compared to the traditional pumice stones. While the latter requires manual rubbing, this works with electricity and does not require batteries for operation. Since it is driven by electricity, there is no need for you to purchase extra batteries once in a while. This device comes with an ergonomically designed handle for easy gripping. It effectively removes calluses because of its powerful roller with mineral compositions. The technology pulverizes the unwanted dead skin cells to give you that smooth and clean heels and feet.

Several online reviews to this product strongly agree with its effectiveness in removing skin calluses. It is also recommended by many because of its safety, convenience, and gives instant quality results. With only one time usage, the product immediately gets rid of the callus build-up, especially to the most common areas of the feet. Many beauty shops are using the Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano Callus Remover with their pedicure services. The product is not just effective, but it is also easy to use.

9. Amope’ Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

Wear your sandals everyday without being threatened by the annoying calluses because this product will scare it away. The Amope’ Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File is a reliable callus remover that is battery operated. This is designed with safety and user convenience for easy operation. It has a Micralumina-roller headthat is capable of rotating up to 360 degrees, which makes it flexible for anyone using it. You will never experience even the slightest feeling of pain when it is already in the process of removing your feet’s calluses.

8. Emjoi Micro-Pedi POWER – Callus Remover

One of the best callus removers on the market is the Emjoi Micro-Pedi Power Callus Remover. Proven and tested by the American Podiatric Medical Association, this device promises value and quality results. Like other callus removers, this is battery operated and works well with the feet, hands, and other parts of the body that have calluses. You do not need to use anymore those time consuming gray stones from volcanoes just to get your foot’s surface smoother and cleaner. Try it now and make your life easy with this device.

7. Mousand Pedi Electronic Foot File

This foot file is a durable tool for feet smoothening. It can be easily operated using 3 AA batteries. The roller head is made from quality materials with mineral compositions. It is designed to last for overtime usage. You can carry it anywhere because of its portable design and slip-free handles. Buff your calluses away using this safe and professional electronic foot file.

6.BTS Pedi Remedy Foot File

The Pedi remedy foot file guarantees safe and fast removal of tough skin calluses from your feet. It comes with a portable design and efficient handle for easy gripping. The product has a roller and a unique cleaning brush to buff away rough and dry skin cells. The 360 degrees rollers are replaceable with its 2 extra rollers that have micro mineral compositions. You will achieve that smooth looking feet after using this product.

5. Pedi.Cure Solutions Electric Foot Scrubber

Gently remove lifeless skin tissues on your feet with this efficient callus remover. With the use of this product, you will transform your ugly looking feet to make it more appealing and pleasing to the eyes. It has a 360 degree roller head that powerfully spins at 40x every second. The roller’s surface has mineral composition, hence provides more effectiveness in scrubbing out dead skins. It is designed safely to prevent you from getting skin cuts. More so, it is portable and water resistant so you can carry it with you anywhere you like.

4. Emjoi Micro-Pedi pro Foot Buffer (Special Edition)

This is considered one of the best electric foot buffers on the market. It comes with an ergonomic design with full versatility to the level of smoothness that you wanted to be achieved by your feet. Its foot buffer kit is a worldwide bestseller pedicure kit. The unique roller head features a 360 degree spin, which is effective in buffing and rubbing away the tough skin tissues on your feet. It is safe and easy to use.

3. iVog Pedi-Luv 200 Callus Remover

Stay away from risky metal scrappers that causes unbearable injuries to your feet when you are attempting to remove those calluses. The iVog Pedi-Luv 200 callus remover is carefully designed for easy handling and operation. You can use it using your bare hands with total comfort. You need not spend too much time in removing calluses because it gives amazing results swiftly.

2. Emjoi Micro-Pedi Battery Operated Callus Remover

The Emjoi Micro-Pedi Battery Operated Callus Remover gives you a better price deal compared to other Emjoi callus remover products. Similar to others, this also comes with a 360 degree rotational ball to conveniently removed the callus on your feet. Despite of it being battery operated, still it provides efficient operation and fast acting results against your calluses.

1. Nature Tech Pedi Electronic Callus Remover

The number one callus remover on the market today is the Nature Tech Pedi electronic callus remover. It has an innovatively flexible roller with a 360 degree spin capability. This also comes with micro mineral stones to pulverized the build-up of dead skin tissues on the outer layer of the skin. You can assure absolute reliance to this product in bringing back the smoothness and glow of your feet.

These products are all given positive online reviews by satisfied users. With these, there will be no more embarrassing feet that are used to concealment. You can flaunt your feet anytime using your attractive slippers and sandals. Say goodbye to calluses and walk your way with confidence.

How to Use an Best Callus Remover in 5 Simple Steps

Are you sick and tired of your embarrassing calluses on your feet? Can’t wear sexy sandals because that thick yellow harden skin on the balls of your feet show? Then you are not alone. Calluses on feet are not something to be worried about. They are harmless, but can cause discomfort to you.

Well, worry no more, because there is an easier way to remove your calluses now and to prevent them from reappearing. If you are too lazy or find the old ways of scrubbing your calluses tiring and takes so much of your time, then the electric callus remover is perfect for you. It comes with different sizes and shapes to provide you an easy handling and design for your preferred convenience.

When it is your first time to use an electric callus remover, then here are the easy to follow steps in using the electric callus remover. Check them out.

# Step 1 – Ensure That the Remover is Connected to a Power Source

Of course, the first to do is to plug it into a power source. And for those battery powered remover, you have to charge the batteries first. The electric remover that solely depends on electricity should be plugged in while using it. Reading the manual will be a good start before you use the electric remover.

# Step 2 – Examine the Remover’s Source of Scrubbing

There are two types of electric callus remover. One type is the remover that uses scrubbing pads and the other types are those with roller beads. The scrubbing pads could either have a fine surface and coarse surfaces. The coarse surfaces are ideal for the very thick calluses. The roller beads also have these characteristics. Whatever type of electric remover you have, always make sure that before using or plugging it, the pad or the head is perfectly fitted. Try to check it by passing it in your feet if it is sturdy enough and will not fall off during the scrubbing.

# Step 3 – Soak Your Feet with Water

The best way to remove your callus quickly and to aide the remover in getting rid of it, soak your feet first and wash them with soap. It will wash away the dirt from your feet. Take note that the dirt that accumulates in your feet can decrease the effectiveness of the callus remover and can even cause malfunction to your gadget.

# Step 4 – Switch on the Remover

Now that your gadget is ready, you can now start removing your calluses by turning the gadget on and set it at a speed that is ideal for the amount of calluses you have. Pass it on your feet to and fro as it scrapes off the calluses until your feet become smooth.

# Step 5 – Rinse and Dry Your Feet

When all calluses are removed, rinse your feet with water. Pat them dry and apply calming cream for a more soothing effect and a soother skin. Before slipping in to your sandals, apply a lotion to your feet first.

The electric callus remover is a very effective and faster way to get rid of the dead skin cells in your feet. There is a manual that you can read, and I assure you, that even without a manual, it is very simple and very effective.

Why Use an Best Callus Remover

Having a smooth feet and heels is one the concerns of women. Wearing sexy sandals with thick calluses in your heels is a big turn off. Before, women, even men, used to go to a salon just to have a foot spa in order to maintain that smooth and clean looking feet. Every session, they have to spend money and time. But now, because of the newly invented electric callus remover, you can get rid of your calluses even at your own home. You can do it in your bathroom before taking a bath or anytime you prefer. No more using of stones and blades that can only put you at risk of injury. The electric callus remover is safer and faster. You should include this in your foot care apparatus because it is a necessity to maintain you feet’s hygiene.

Callus Removers Work Fast

If using the pumice stone will take you time before you can thoroughly remove the dead skin in your feet, the electric remover can get rid of it in seconds with lesser effort. Plus, it will not only saves you time but also you can save money since you are not going to pay every session of your foot spa anymore if you have an electric callus remover in your home.. You can do it anytime you want and you can have your desired result than in a foot spa.

The Chances of Removing too Much Skin are Very Minimal

The electric callus remover is the safest way to remove your calluses. Why? Because pumice stones and blades can hurt your feet and can cause soreness or even bleeding. While the electric remover operates safely since it has a speed adjustment function which you can adjust depending on how much dead skin you want to scrape.

Simplicity of Use

The callus remover is not complicated to use. It is very easy that you can immediately use without needing an experience. You just have to plug it in and turn it on then pass it back and fort to the area of the calluses. If you are not sure how to use it properly, then check the user’s guide or manual f or the detailed instructions. It is very easy to understand and to follow. With just little effort, you can get rid of those calluses.

Callus Removers are Reusable

The electric callus remover can be used over and over again. Always clean the device after using to maintain it in good working condition. When the roller head is worn out, then you can replace it. It is sold online such as, the Amazon or at your nearest beauty store.


The electric callus remover comes in a com pact size that you can carry it anywhere. It is portable for travels since some of the device has long lasting rechargeable batteries. Aside from its portability, the callus remover is very convenient that you can still remove you r calluses even without electricity. Just charge the batteries and you can take it anywhere with you.


When it comes to price, the electric callus remover is expensive compared to pumice and blades. But if you consider the safety and the convenience of the electric remover, your money is all worth it. Also consider when you have to go to a spa to get rid of your calluses. Think of how many times that you have to visit the spa. It is more expensive than buying your own remover. The effectiveness, the effort that it takes to remove calluses and the convenience is all worth the price.

Using the electric calluses remover is the smartest and the most convenient way to remove calluses. It is safe and can definitely make your feet smooth and free from calluses. So, think of it as an investment and keep your feet looking and feeling good all the time

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