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The first drill press is used to drill holes in metals, and sooner it is discovered to be also useful for other purposes. By the use of different accessories such as jigs and attachments, the drill press becomes more flexible for home and commercial use.With the help of this machine, drilling holes is never a hard task now. All you need to do is, to mount it on a bench. It comes in different sizes and different models. The bigger driller also needs larger space. The various types of drill press have specific features and attachments that serve an important purpose of the drill press.

So, when you want to buy a drill press, there are important things that you need to consider to have the best drill press that will perform to your purpose. One important thing to check on a drill press is its technical specification. The technical aspects include the motor power, speed, quill travel or the depth of the drill and swing, or the working column height. These make up the best performing drill press. And check out for the build quality. If it is not correctly constructed, it will vibrate too much when operated, and when it happens, the tendency is the inaccuracy of the hole drilled. Next to be considered is the features and the price of course. You need to choose the drill press that has the best quality, but with the price that is enough for your budget.


For people whose hobby is woodworking, then a drill press is your necessity. A drill press can make your work easier and more accurate. You can create a beautiful art when you have the right tool like the drill press. Should you want to have a home workshop, then you must have a drill press. Other handheld tools can help, but nothing can compare what a drill press can do to your wood art. So, to help you choose which model of a drill press is the best and the one will suit your budget, we have a list of the Best drill press in the market. The list is based on the reviews of the user. We include only those who has the best review.

From the list of the drill press reviews, you will have a variety of selections of a drill press. From the cheapest to the expensive models. You can choose which one that will suit your budget and you can choose a model that you think will help you in your hobby or work.

Top Best Drill Press in the market

1.WEN 4208 8-Inc 5 Speed

The WEN 4208 Drill press is far way better that a handheld tool. It offers comfortable and less struggle drilling operation. The five-speed feature of WEN 4208 provides versatility when it comes to matching the small size of the hole being drilled. It will give an accurate result and with less struggle, you can drill the hole faster. The 8-inch swing provides a wider space for many objects.The spindle can move 2 inches, and driven by a 1/3 horsepower induction, meaning it operates quietly. The worktable of this drill press measures about 6 ½ inches square and can tilt up to 45 degrees, either left or right. This drill is every man’s choice because its quality is top rated at a reasonable price. When you think of the price of this product, you may believe that it has a poor quality. But rest assured, because the price does not compromise the performance of the product. You can expect that it will provide precision in the drilling and accuracy of the hole that you desire.

WEN 4208 is small and compact, but, it is powerful and efficient in drilling wood, light zinc, metal, weight aluminum, iron and even steel. This product receives a very outstanding review from its users. Based on the majority of the reviews, these devices, durable and very high quality. It is constructed with a very efficient motor that has a long life because of its motor with bearings. This driller also runs smoothly and can operate efficiently with lower or increased speed.


  • Reliable long lasting induction motor: WEN 42008 is famous of its substantial motor. The engine of this model is durable so that it could last for a long time.The 1/3 HP actual induction motor is reliable for drilling even the hardest material. The 5 Pace motor makes it more sturdy that can tackle from 20 to 3100 RPM. Yu will not encounter engine malfunctions because it is designed for a harder tasks.
  • Enough Speedy: the motor features different level of pace that are; 3100, 2340, 1720,1100 and 620 RPM. This makes the drill press more flexible to use in many types of material requirements, such as the thickness or the hardness. This is one of the best features of WEN 4208.
  • Two-inch spindle journey: it has the capability to make the drilling simpler for the user. The 2-inch spindle drive leaves a readable linear level, making it easy to read and spot if there is a mistake in the process. You can make your woodwork more precise and faster
  • Low sound: some driller makes a lot of noises which can be a nuisance to the people around. But the WEN 4208 produces only a very smooth, low sound when used. It operates quietly and efficiently. So, this is the ideal drill press for home use.
  • Spindle Journey 2” with readable linear level: this is one of the most vital features of the best driller. It is crucial that your drill press can stop when need to, especially when you are making wood art. So if you are very passionate about your wood carving and drilling and want to go to have the best result always, the WEN 4208 Is the right one for you.



The WEN 4208 become top rated because of its capability to drill with precision. Plus, it is best not only for commercial purposes, but also for hope use, because it is convenient to use, and it does not create an annoying sound when drilling. You can guarantee that with this drilling device, your work will be accurate and can finish faster than using a handheld tool. It is flexible to use since it can drill from the natural wood to the hardest kind of wood.


The WEN 4208 drill press is so easy to use and to handle. The ½ keyed chuck features a variety of different pieces that make it more versatile. The opening in the pre-drilled bottom makes the device mounted securely on the table. Because of these amazing abilities and features, this drill press is so famous and the most bought model of driller in the market.

According to the reviews from the customers who have used the WEN 4208, they are very satisfied with the performance of this device. According to them, it is durable and worth your money. It is very easy to use and can make your work faster and more accurate.


The five pace change enables the user to alter the drilling speed. So, the user can decide how fast the drilling should be, depending on the hardness of the material. This ability makes the device perform perfectly and provide the best result


The price of WEN 4208 is very affordable. You may think that all of the top rated reviews about this product are just bluffs, well you are wrong. It is affordable, but the quality and performance is like that of an expensive product. This is an exceptional investment with a very affordable price.


When it comes to durability, this product has it too. The 1/3 horsepower induction motor is very durable. It has ample torque and has an iron worktable that can hold the device securely. This is an amazing drill press. Not only inexpensive but also sturdy and offers good performance. When you have this device, you are guaranteed that your project will finish quickly with less struggle and with precision.


WEN 4208 is the best among other drillers in the market. It is not expensive that anyone can afford. Plus , the quality and performance is reliable. This product can last for a long time giving you the best help and the best drilling results. It is very easy to use and easy to store.

It is top rated because it is not only affordable but also gives high-end performance and very durable. This is a great investment that you should have in your home. It can drill any kinds of materials like plastic, wood, metals and other. This is easy to handle, that even a woman can do the job. Read more of the best Drill reviews to help you seek more top rated drill press.

2.SKIL 3320-01 120-Volt 10-Inch Drill Press

It was sold ever since in 2010. From the line of SKIL products, 3320-01 120 Volt 10-inch is also one of the best drill press in the market. This is usually used by men and women for their household drilling tasks. It is portable and very affordable in price. Even though this device is smaller, it can handle anything since it is equipped with quality materials and with extended laser tool precision. So, rest assured that it can drill accurately and quickly.

It becomes one of the favorite household devices because of its usefulness and functionality. The laser makes it sure that you will be drilling holes in the right spot. The design is not that classy, but when you think of the performance , you will never have a problem with it. It may wobble a little bit when drilling, but it will never compromise the functionality of the machine.

3.Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

With all the features and the functionality, the Delta 18-900L inch Laser is ideal in any workshop or for your workspace at home. It is very efficient in drilling holes because of its 16-speed features and auto tense tensioning belt drive. The powerful motor ensures continuous strong drills and use. It has an LED illumination, ultra-precise depth scale that ensures accuracy in your drilling.

The DELTA 18-900 is one of the best driller in the market. You can rely on the performance of this product in terms of precision and durability. It operates efficiently and smoothly. It is easy to handle and easy to operate. This device does not only performs well but it is also have a classy design. You will never encounter problems when it comes to speed changing because it is easy to adjust the speed due to the auto tensioning belt. The size of this device is bulky that some may found it disturbing. However, quality and performance is never an issue to sizes.

4. Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Drill Press

Every carpenter will dream to have this Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Drill Press because of its multiple features that will surely give you a satisfying result. The said product has an incomparable ability making it better than the other products in the market. The Powermatic PM2800B comes with a table that allows the user to expand wider so the woodworker will feel comfortable while doing their job. The table can be revolving to 90 degrees allowing the woodworker to adjust it quickly so he can meet his needs about the application. It comes with an 18 inches single phase and one horsepower electric engine that are adjustable. These two allows the user to adjust the speed of drill without turning off the engine or replacing the belt.

The Powermatic made the PM2800B for the woodworker’s easiness to set-up, and it is very convenient to use. It comes with two LED lights placed carefully to the spindle that give and ample light in every state. Since the product bears this two LED lights, you can now see your workpiece in constant without using huge light. You can adjust its plunge depth at ease just by pressing the provided button that is uncommon for other drill press. This product is not only good for woodworkers because amazingly, but it can also drill heavy metals with no hassles.

This product gives easiness to the woodworkers when doing a high piece project that makes it very perfect for every one of them. It has an amazing feature that every woodworker is dreaming to have despite its moderate size. This is very ideal to every shop since it does not occupy big space. The PM2800B Drill press is good for amateurs, and even for professionals.

5.JET 354165 JDP-15M 3/4-HP 15-Inch Bench Drill Press

The JET 354165 suits perfectly into small shops but requires substantial power. The product is perfect for drilling because of its 16 speed. Not only that. It also has a good performance when it comes to other task such as plating, routing, shaping, sanding, etc. It comes with a worktable made from slick and very durable that can be revolves to 45 degrees. The product also contains an easy to release clamp.

This drilling machine allows you to adjust the speed easily, and its powerful engine that rests in the center of the device discharges ¾ horsepower. The foundation and support of the product is made of solid metal that helps the machine to hold the ground no matter how heavy the machine has been used. The clamps and grips placed on the side of the drill prevent any trouble cause by vibration when the machine is on but on using them, it requires a bit effort.

Overall, this machine will give you good experience like the belt tension handle becomes shorter and the starting method of the worktable is not easy to break.

6.WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press

WEN 4208 – is a drill press with a length of 8 inches that functions quickly because of its five-speed drill making it a good choice for woodworkers. It has an excellent power that gives goo result with an equal cost. Whether you make a big or small workpiece, the WEN 4208 will surely not disappoint you but it will give you a satisfying result that the other machine can’t. It can be used conveniently because you can hold this with less hassle.

Despite its medium size, the machine produces powerful strength that makes it good at drilling heavy material like woods, light zinc, heavy metal and aluminum, iron so as steel. It can drill these heavy metals perfectly unlike the other handheld drill press.

Many people have been impressed by the performance of WEN 4208 because its durability and the product’s good quality. It’s very popular in the market among the other machines because of its elite performance that can reach every user’s high anticipation. The machine also comes with a durable engine that has ball bearings that prolong your usage. Unlike the other machines, the WEN 4208 will run smoothly whether it functions in the higher or lower speed since the product promotes an equal performance.

If you are looking for an amazing press drill, try to read the reviews of the WEN 4208 for you to know if this is the best drill press for you. The product is long lasting even if you used this on longer period and heavy duties but of course, taking care with it is still the best. People can use this easily because the product is very handy.

The product is well-known for users who happen to drill both heavy and light materials perfectly. If you want a less hassle machine that could surely help you in your duties, consider purchasing the WEN 4208. It will give you satisfying results.


If you are looking for a very friendly machine that won’t give you a hard time on finishing your outputs, then theSHOP FOX 1668 is the best drill press for you. This product is very affordable, and it considers as a great addition to your shop that will serve you very well. The product is not only good at drilling, but it is also equipped with other items making it good also for sanding. Drill presses are specially made to finish the woodworker’s duty efficiently. It also boosts your precisions and improves your performance to complete your project successfully. The Shop Fox is very popular when it comes to woodworking engines. They made a lot of high-quality drilling machines for a long time. They always focus on the improvement of their products that will surely make their consumers satisfied and enjoyed while using the product. Amazingly, the product has a two years warranty and excellent customer service when you are facing any trouble.


  • If you depend on your budget, then this product is right for you. It comes with a very affordable price that other products in the market are not.
  • The ideal machine of many woodworkers. Aside from its good performance in drilling holes to the woods, the device is also suitable for sending helping you to finish your outputs quicker.
  • Its work table brings more durability to this machine. It can rotate to 45 degrees in the both left side and right side that makes you feel more comfortable with doing your job.
  • It comes with a reliable engine that is capable of doing the heavy task to be done perfectly.
  • Aside from it allows you to rotate the worktable, it is also movable that enables you to move it when needed.

If you are looking for a drill press that could surely serve you right with a friendly, then the SHOP FOX 1668 is perfect for you. Aside from getting a very convenient drill presser, you can also get a swinging sander that is very helpful for woodworkers like you. It does not also occupy huge area making it good for small workshops. Before purchasing a drill presser, make sure to read the product review and customer’s feedback because it may help you to identify if the product is good for you and their functions. Each product provides amazing features that will surely amaze you.


The following contents are some of the advantages of using the drill press for the woodworker.

  1. Accuracy and Safety

– One of the reasons why a woodworker should own a drill press is to improve its efficiency. The purpose of this drill press is to make an exact hole to the woods or other materials, smoothly and precisely. If it happens that you use the preset degree for making holes equally, then the routine press will do the job perfectly. Additionally, you will make an exact widths and angles.

  1. Various Spindle Rates

– Making holes is tough and it takes time for doing it perfectly but with the help of drill press, your job can be done smoothly. If you don’t intend to use a drill press, you need to do your job slowly and carefully to avoid any mistake that is surely a problem to you. The drill press will help you to set equal angles and so as the width which means there’s no need for you to worry.

  1. Potent Engines

– Drill Presses contain powerful engines making the drilled pocket works quicker and less effort. By the help also of the drill press, you can make small or big holes quickly making it a colossal advantage for the woodworker who doesn’t use a drill press for drilling. With the ability of drill press, it helps the woodworker to save more time and energy, and even stress-free.

  1. Flexibility Features

– Every drill press has its features. There are drill presses that are very flexible and allow the woodworker to adjust it for better results. You can change the speed and strength that happens to be a quiet advantage for people who don’t use a drill press.

  1. Security for Customers

– Using drill press is also safe for woodworkers since they are allowed to control the speed and strength of the drill press.


The drill press is considered to be the most important machine in every wood shop. The following contents are the valuable tips on how to use the drill press correctly.

  1. Look for the Precise Diameter

In drilling holes, it’s important to look for a drill press with a diameter that suits on drilling holes correctly. Using machine drill or wood functioning drill is the best choice. The wood drill functions with a corkscrew for cutting each side faster.

  1. Site the particular depth of the hole

This can be done by utilizing the plunge depth safely on the particular spindle. The safe nuts may be placed downwards or upwards.

  1. Clamp the particular piece

For securing the table, clamping the specific piece should be done. It can be completed by just aligning the routine bit to the marked area that designates you to drill the particular holes. Do not forget that the speed of drilling should match to the appropriate diameter with the drill and the other attached materials.

  1. Turning on the particular drill press

The drill should be lower down slowly near to the piece that you’ve been working until the individual spindle meets the degree setting.


A drill press is only ideal for construction stuff. One of the common problems regarding the drill press is forgetting about the key in the chuck. The following content is common suggestions for securing your drill press.

– Don’t hold the key when you are also holding the task piece. Fasten it to a stand tightly.

– Place the task piece on the center earlier before starting the routine. Use a baking sheet for you to get light material so that you can avoid hooking up regular bit break.

– Set the exact speed that fits your material when drilling, entirely.

– Don’t leave the key behind in the chuck.

– Avoid the routine feed every minute to reduce chip dimensions.

– Avoid forcing the drill press to cool down.

– Keep it away from your kind, always!


  • Horse Power – A drill press with higher horsepower can drill holes to dark materials entirely.
  • Variable rates – A drill press that comes with several speed options would be more useful. It allows the woodworker to choose to depend on their drilling situation. Some routine presses contain six to 12-speed functions.
  • Walls – Hooking up itself in a vacant place of the storage to reoccur the holes.
  • Sanding containers – It is the type of contains that is related to a particular chuck about sanding rough border or patterns.
  • Planer Head – These types of planer head are related to the particular Chuck about squaring the exact border that is about stock or cutting rabbets.


So those are the reviews of some products that will surely help you in improving your performance in drilling holes using a drill press and so as the reputation of your workshop. The hardest part of it is identifying and choosing the best drill press that would suit to your wood shop correctly. Since the drill press is considered to be essential tools for the woodworkers, choosing one of can be done carefully.

Do not forget that this machine is only ideal for drilling holes in furniture in your home or your office. It is only compatible with construction, heavy-metal duties and woodwork. It is intended to drill holes with an exact lining and depth. So we hope that this article helps you a lot. Thank you for reading!

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