Best Golf Gps Watch Reviews

Since most of the appliances nowadays is made of technology, who would’ve thought that there’s a GPS watch when playing golf? Amazing, right? The GPS watch has many purposes, but it can also be used in a specific activity. A GPS watch has a screen which detects where your golf ball is after you hit it.

For golf players, they only want a GPS watch, but for thriathletes, they prefer having a multi-sport watch that can also measure their strokes and biking distance.

For golfers who are looking for an excellent and a magnificent GPS watch rangefinder, this article will surely help you. We all know that every company that produces GPS watch claims that they made the best GPS watch, but only disappoints the user. The purpose in this Golf GPS Watch Reviews is to show you what the best and effective GPS watch is. It really has the biggest difference. Aside from that, you will know for yourself what type of player you are.

You don’t need to put additional gears at your pocket using these GPS watches. Check out the list for you.


Top 8 Best Golf Gps Watch 2015 in the market

1.Garmin Approach S1

The Garmin Company made an excellent and magnificent GPS watch for golfers which is very popular in every market. The Garmin Approach S1 has a sleek design and awesome features which cover the basic only. It is said to be the best rival in other GPS watches since this GPS watch has a very affordable cost but also reliable GPS watch. It is easy to use since this GPS watch only needs a single twist so you can access the information easily. Take a look at these awesome features that makes you want to have it.

  • Shot Tracking
  • Storage of the Course
  • A GPS receiver with high sensitivity
  • Adjustable Preferences
  • Readable graphic content against light
  • With Basic Features

Since this GPS watch comes with basic features, the distance is measured to any point of the green so as the shot distances. This GPS watch has only limited features which mean it doesn’t suits you well if you’re looking for a GPS watch that gives you information about the course graphic photo, doglegs, distances to the hazards, or even retrieving stats. Aside from that, this GPS watch is 16,500 North American courses and it is free when updating courses.

Compared to other GPS watch, the Garmin Approach S1 contains a battery with a high average life. The battery is rechargeable which means it lasted for a couple of rounds. Many people prefer using Approach S1 because it has an affordable price for as low as $200 with a good start.

2.Garmin Forerunner 220

For runners, GPS watches becomes popular for them because it helps them to measure that distance how far they ran and where is their location without carrying their mobile. Another amazing product again made by Garmin is the Forerunner 220 which cost $249. This GPS watch is asolid midpriced model that tracks your route accurately, sync different data via Bluetooth and wirelessly paired into the monitor. If you want good tabs for your runs and you are practicing for your next race, this suits you very well. This GPS Watch comes also comes with amazing features.

  • Comes with a color display
  • Allows you to have GPS signal easily
  • This GPS watch can last up to 6 weeks if it’s normal mode and 10 hours when the GPS is on.

Gamin Forerunner 220 is a good choice if you are looking for a midrange GPS watch, and it has an affordable price of $249. It does not only record how many metrics which is very important for runner but it can also sync wirelessly and connect to the monitor. One of its best rivals is the TomTom Runner Cardio that costs $269 which contains an integrated heart rate monitor. In addition, the Garmin Forerunner 220 is one of the best and excellent running buddies that will surely not disappoint you.

3.Bushnell Neo XS

Aside from Garmin, Bushnell also made an excellent and serves to be one of the best rangefinder today. They made the best GPS devices and laser rangefinders which becomes more popular in some market. The manufacturer keeps increasing the bar in the GPS market by putting cutting-edge functionality and many amazing features with a fashionable design. The Bushnell made this Neo XSwhich is the latest flagship device nowadays. Take a look at the amazing features of Neo XS made by Bushnell.

  • Easy and Comfortable to use
  • With complete odometer, tee time and time mode
  • Features stat tracking
  • It can measure distances to the hazards
  • It has 33,000 courses for almost 30 countries

Neo XS is popular because of its thinner size compared to its rivals and competitors that’s why most golf GPS watch reviews claims it to be the slimmest model unit they have ever studied. Even if it is the slimmest watch today, the information on the display screen is readable under the sunlight. User feels more comfortable on wearing this around their wrist because it has a smooth material which is very soft for skin and it didn’t hold too tight.

One of the best highlight of this device is it’s long battery life which can last longer up to three full round on playing golf. It is more than enough for a professional golf player. Aside from that, when you’re going to purchase Neo XS it also comes with a USB charging adapter for you to recharge it when the battery is very low but if the adapter is not functioning well, then you really need to replace it.

You don’t need to be bother on setting this up because the Neo XS contains buttons that allows you to track the date and time, look for the main menu and the tee times easily. It’s not hard for you to check the distance to the points of the green, hazards and different targets anywhere on the course because this GPS watch will help you.

After purchasing this product, it’s not that hard to familiarize all the buttons because it is already labeled. It only needs 10 to 15 minutes to study the device. You’re only required to twist it to check the time and date and if it is already fine, use can use it right away.

The exact readings of Bushnell Neo XS on the golf course are +/- 3 to 5 yard. It is enough evidence that only the Neo XS is the powerful GPS watch that can measure that wide. Because of its accurate readings, it also made that Neo XS as the revolutionary rangefinder. Even if it is said to be the best golf GPS watch nowadays, it does not have the ability to take the elevation of the course and the condition of climate into account when measuring the readings.

Surprisingly, the Bushnell Neo XS has a very affordable price for as low as $200 in every market. Even if it’s not that expensive, it will surely not disappoint you and gives you satisfaction while playing golf.

4.SkyCaddie Golf GPS Watch

The golf GPS watch made by Sky Caddie is on the last list of GPS watch reviews. This golf GPS watch is said to be the newest rival in the GPS watch market and it also comes with different features that will sure satisfy and help you to develop your game play. Take a look at its features that will surely want you to purchase it.

  • It comes with a large making the user to ready the information easily.
  • With exact readings on the basic green course
  • With high precision in measuring each of the 30, 00 worldwide courses
  • The Digital scoring comes with odometer for the watch and stopwatch functionality.
  • Waterproof

Pros and Cons

For people who want a fashionable and modern GPS watch style, Sky Caddie GPS watch is the best for you because it is designed as sporty and sleek. It has two types of color that you will sure like; black/lime and white lime. The good thing on this GPS watch is the buttons that are placed conveniently at each side which makes it easier to use.

After purchasing this product, you can use it already since it is ready to use but make sure that its battery life is high. The yardage to the green course is showed by the default display, the distance showed in the front and the back shows up in little font size. When you’re changing your position every minute, your GPS watch will slightly lag when measuring up the reading from the first yardage up to the next yardage.

Sky Caddie is also said to be one of the best GPS watch because its digital scoring includes calorie counter and pedometer which is a good bonus. You wouldn’t believe that this GPS watch only cost $200, very affordable right?

5.Garmin Approach S3

Another amazing product made by Garmin Company is the Approach S3 which is constructed with touch screen capability and its screen resolution is high making the graphic content easy to read. It is really effective when reading the scorecards, the yardages to the hole points and the green courses. The good thing in this GPS watch, it’s not only designed as sleek but it also comes with quiet good features which is much better compared to Garmin Approach S1. Check out the amazing features of Approach S3 that will surely amazed you.

  • Filled with more than 26, 00 international courses
  • Its screen display is glove-friendly
  • Accurate readings on the distances to the green courses, along with its shape
  • Its yardage points are customizable
  • Water Resistant
  • Easy and comfortable to use

Pros and Cons

Once you’ve purchased the Garmin Approach S3, it is ready to use. It’s a bit difficult to set it up because it opt needs to be installed with some courses online yet this GPS watch gives you enough information that you needed in just once touch on its screen. The yardages that are placed on the default screen and you will also notice that the interface functions very fast and response easily even when you touch it while wearing your gloves.

What makes the green view feature unique compared to other GPS watch? It allows you to see the perfect shape and the layout of the green course. The only thing that disappoints you in this GPS watch is the lack of pre-mapped information on the exact areas, but you can customize the yardage point to transfer the distances to the hazards or bunkers. If you’re a type of golfer that prefers using a basic GPS watch for your game play, then Garmin Approach S3 suits you very well.

Before purchasing this device, I just want you to know that the manufacturer does not give any web-based platform that allows you to re-evaluate or checked or saved scores and stats so you can’t watch your old performance thru online. But you can also manually save all the details of your each game on your desktop. The Garmin Approach S3 also contains a basic watch options as well as an odometer that help you track your improvement.

It cost for as low as $250 which is a bit expensive but it will surely not disappoint you instead, it will amaze because of its excellent performance.

6.Garmin Forerunner 10

It seems that Garmin Company is really a good manufacturer for GPS watches. Anyway, they made another GPS watch for runners which is not very affordable, making it more popular in every market. The Garmin Forerunner 10 is a water resistant watch which cost $99 only. This GPS watch measures the speed, pace, distance and even calories precisely, while mapping and it also saves your running routes. The Forerunner 10 will disappoint you because it lacks in amenities as Bluetooth for syncing wirelessly, yet will your needs in running outdoors.


The Forerunner 10 looks similar to the Forerunner 15 that costs $139. It has a feature that tracks your activity each day and its Bluetooth will only work for the same Garmin accessories. Both GPS watch has the same square shape which is the traditional shape of wristbands and also tactile buttons on each corner (means four buttons). It also comes in different colors; demure or bright colors such as orange, violet, pink and lime green.

The buttons on the Forerunner 10 has the same functions of the buttons in Forerunner 15. The top-right button begins a run and allows you to choose settings on the screen, the button in the bottom-right scrolls up and down through the settings, the button on the top-left manage the backlight display and lastly, the button on the bottom-left is used to return a screen.

Forerunner 10 has enough space to let you show the date and time always because the Garmin keeps the display’s resolution at 55 x 32 pixels. It won’t allow you to look for a step count on the home screen because it does not act as a passive activity.


The Garmin Forerunner 10 has a basic home screen and always-on watch that gives you information about the date and battery life. By pressing the button in the bottom-right to scroll down, you can find it there the three primary pages; The History, Settings and Running Options.

You can control the running features by turning it on or off in the running options page, it allows you to customize the information you like the Forerunner 10 to gather and show to you. One the important thing is to activate the auto pause because it allows the GPS watch sense and pays attention when you slow down from a run to a walk.

Bottom Line

Garmin made this Forerunner 10 which is created as a solid and very affordable price GPS watch that is easy to wear. For people who are serious about running outdoors will surely love this GPS watch because it’s very easy to set up.

Since Forerunner 10 is very affordable, it lacks on Bluetooth which do not allow you to sync your records, so as the Forerunner 15. However, the Forerunner 10 is good at tracking all of the essential data points in your every session making it one of the great options.

7.TomTom Runner Cardio

We all know that exercising helps us to improve our heart rate. But in order to know the improvement of your heart rate, placing a device on your chest or wrist will gives you information about it. The TomTom Runner Cardio comes with a heart-rate sensor in the underside of the GPS watch. It tracks your distance, your location, elevation and pace as you run at a price of $279. This GPS watch is said to be one of the complete running watches nowadays.

The TomTom Runner GPS watch has the similarities to the runner cardio which is popular last year. Why do they look the same? Both GPS watch has the same square shape with 1 x 0.85-inch and its display’s resolution is 168 x 144 pixels. Beneath the screen is a curved section with a four-way square buttons to control the interface of the watch.

Turn over the watch and you will notice the primary difference between the two GPS watch. The Mio Alpha is a fitness band that a heart rate sensor which is placed i to the middle of the GPS watch. The addition of the sensor made the Runner Cardio thicker and heavier unlike the runner cardio that has no heart rate monitor.

8.Fitbit Surge

This GPS watch comes with an army of activity trackers making it the most ambitious device nowadays. The Fitbit Surge cost $249, a bit expensive but will surely satisfy you because its performance is to focus on tracking your steps, distance and even your calories which is better compared to other GPS watch. And most of all, the best thing in this GPS watch is the continuous check of your heart rate.


The company’s largest and most comfortable to use GPS watch is said to be the Fitbit Surge. Compared to the Flex that costs $99 and the Charge that costs $129, it is bigger. It has an traditional watch strap which is very light weight and not easy to break when it’s on your wrist.

It is made of an elastomer band which is very soft, a silicone that is stretchable and smooth on the bottom and textured on the top. The one that holds the touch screen LCD is the thick strap but very comfortable when it used. You can also choose between these three colors which you are preferred; bright blue, tangerine orange and black. It is more comfortable and easy to wear compared to the Microsoft Band that costs $200 which is super rigid and hard to take care.

Bottom Line

It is said to be that the fitbit surge is one of the most complete fitness tracker as of now. It does not only have a continuous check on your heart rate and GPS sensor, but it can also send information on your mobile. If you’re a person who likes to switch thing up, like track everything from running to yoga, then the Fitbit Surge suits you very well. Because of it is soft wristband, it makes you feel like there’s nothing on your wrist and aside from that, it has also a fashionable design.

Final Verdict

So that’s it readers! Some GPS watches are bit expensive, but each of them will surely satisfy you and lets you enjoy your exercise session. There are very affordable wrist watches but it has also a disadvantage but it doesn’t make a huge difference since most of the wrist watch has the same amazing features that will surely help you in your activity each day. We’re hoping that this article helps you to decide which GPS watch you’re going to purchase.


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