Best Golf Rangefinder

We all know that playing golf is not that easy but there are some devices that can help us to improve our routines on playing golf. There are a lot of ways that will surely help the amateur golfers to enhance their game play, and even for professional players. One of the best ways that helps you to improve your game is using golf laser rangefinders. It’s not the type of accessories that will give you instructions on improving your moves in playing golf but it provides information that will surely help you, big time!

Even though these accessories had been famous in a short period of time, it made a momentous effect on the golf game. The effect of these accessories helps the improvement of the different types of golf rangefinders and even similar accessories. This review is one of the best guide to buying golf rangefinder because it emphasize both advantages and disadvantages of each golf rangefinder that can be usually found in the market.

Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews

1.Bushnell Pro X7 Slope edition

The Bushnell Pro X7 Rangefinder is said to be the most popular rangefinder nowadays because of its sophisticated style. What makes it even more popular? It is consider being the leading and latest models of golf rangefinder. Many golf players preferred using Bushnell Pro X7 because it provides the exact readings for distance and it allows the player to play golf superbly in a most comfortable environment. This golf rangefinder is perfectly suitable for amateur golf players and beginners because of its progressive features that help the player to play the perfect game. This golf rangefinder has the most excellent features which is the seeker mode and the JOLT technology. Because of its advanced and amazing features, the Bushnell Pro X7 rangefinder became more popular and its ranking increases according to the survey.

The Advanced Features

  • Greater magnification power
  • The Bushnell Pro X7 is the only rangefinder that contains a magnification with a really greater and stronger power. It has a magnification power which is 7 times stronger making it more helpful when hitting the target area and gives a good result of the game. It has an amazing zoom option that allows you to lock into your objective and to identify the location of the item flawlessly.

Easy to carry

Since this golf rangefinder is a large size, it makes it easier to hold or move. Many player whines about the compact nature of the golf range finder because it is tough for them to carry it. Because of that, this golf rangefinder is said to be the best rangefinder compared to another device.

Built-in Advanced Technology

►VDT technology

The Bushnell Pro X7 possesses the VDT Technology is very impressive when using it during your play time, giving you an amazing result after the game. This golf rangefinder provides the perfect readings of the results after the game by showing them in red color. The purpose of its color, it helps you to get the accurate readings under the burning sun.

►JOLT technology

Its JOLT Technology is said to be the finest and most outstanding features of the Bushnell Pro X7 rangefinder. This golf rangefinder functions well with the Pin seeker mode that founds out the length. When the pin seeker determines the length, it makes vibration that provides you a hint at present. Hence, it’ll be easier for you to know that your rangefinder is already aiming to your objective.

►Pin seeker technology

Since it possesses the Pin seeker technology, this golf rangefinder is said to be the most popular rangefinder because it has the finest and faster pin seeker mode compared to other devices. As a result, it allows the player to find and hit their target rapidly, and it helps to measure the distance quickly and easily.

Unlike the other rangefinder devices, the Bushnell Pro X7 functions very well because of its built-in advanced technologies.

  • Advantages
  • The player can hit their objectives and locates the flagstick accurately by the help of pin seeker mode.
  • Provides the apparent readings making it easier to read.
  • Allows you to have brighter pictures because of the powerful magnification.
  • The long or short range of distance can be measured easily.
  • Surprisingly, it is a water resistant rangefinder making it more popular for users that love to play in rainy days.
  • The rangefinder comes with a slope features that gives a compensated distance in changing the altitude.
  • It can still be used beneath all brighten circumstances.
  • With a bulky size making it easier to hold.
  • Suitable for this Product

We all know that playing golf is not that easy. But by the help of Bushnell Pro X7 rangefinder, it is very convenient and comfortable to play the game. It is considered to be the best rangefinder for the beginners because it provides an accurate outcome and measures the distance accurately. Aside from that, this rangefinder provides you accurate and clear readings in just a short period but still, it will surely give you satisfaction, and you can enjoy the game, superbly.

Costumer’s Feedback

Many players preferred using Bushnell Pro since it gives a quick and precise results. This rangefinder is more popular especially for the beginners, yet it’s not legal when it comes to golf tournaments. However, many players are complaining about this rangefinder because it is not affordable but still, it has a feedback score of 4.5 over 5.


The Bushnell Pro X7 golf rangefinder is said to be the finest rangefinders in the market and is very popular for people who love golf very much. Since this rangefinder gives a quick and exact readings, as it rapidly locks on to the objectives, can measure the distance easily and faster compared to other and shows a clear result after the game, it is loved most of the golf players. So all in all, this product gives you satisfaction and good to buy.

2.Bushnell Tour Z6

Another product made by Bushnell is the Bushnell Z6, a golf rangefinder that is already upgraded. The avid professional golf players wished for this rangefinder because it comes with extraordinary functions and bright clear display, making it a wishful tool for them. Like the Bushnell Pro X7, it also gives quick and precise readings with a perfect water resistant body making it more popular and considered to be the finest rangefinder in the industry.

The Advanced Features

This Review helps you to understand everything about the Bushnell Z6. Take the time to read the information below and analyze it thoroughly.

Easy to Use

The Bushnell Z6 is known to be the most precise and handy rangefinder nowadays because it contains Pin Seeker, Bright and Clear Display, JOLT Technology and ESP.2. Unlike the other devices, this rangefinder is very convenient to use because its magnification power is six times stronger with an eyepiece setting that is adjustable. The display is made up with tiny tint that decreases the glare and permits a broad scope and range area view. This golf rangefinder comes with two buttons. The first button is used for turning on or off the device and the second buttons fires the laser that classifies the outcomes. The laser can be lasted for 4 seconds to 8 seconds but still; after releasing the button, the results can still be shown on the display screen for almost 8 seconds.

Running power

The Bushnell Z6 Rangefinder is a complete package with 3 volts CR2 battery running power. The battery is located below the viewfinder at the back of the Posi-Thread Battery Door. When it comes in golfing industry, the Bushnell products are popular because it has long life battery but still, the manufacturers suggests that the battery should be replaced every six to eight months to keep it working well.


The Bushnell Z6 Rangefinder is standing vertically, stabilized but still a user-friendly device is covered by a rubber in the most of its body for safety and constant gripping. The rangefinder surrounded by an elegant aluminum trim making it more fashionable and good looking. The Bushnell Z6 is very light weight with 8.2 ounces making it easier to handle and gives convenience for a fanatical golf players. This rangefinder is very admirable with remarkable functions compares to other rangefinder devices such as Bushnell V3. Even if it is a water resistant golf rangefinder with a built-in rain guard above the lens, the manufacturer has also put a case that helps the user to carry it around the course efficiently.

Wide Area readings

The Bushnell Z6 becomes more popular because it is fully furnished that provides an exact reading that can be seen on a clear display screen for the golfer compared to other rangefinders in the market. It can measure the flags inside the golf course exactly for up to 450 yards and can also lock onto the different object in a six up to 1,300 yards diameter. It is claimed that this golf rangefinder has been automated to provide the golfer for an exactness of 0.1 yards for objects nearer than 125 yards. On the other reviews about thing rangefinder device, the Bushnell Z6 is said to be the best in picking up reflective objects faster until the Pin Seeker mode starts functioning, and it still updates the distance spontaneously compared to another device. For an excellent analysis, this rangefinder is one of the best choices in targeting the base of the flagstick and the display’s efficiency would be imprecise if the distance goes 200-yard radius further.

Pin Seeker mode and Vibration JOLT Technology

The rangefinders nowadays are much better compared to the old Bushnell rangefinder that is equipped with automatic scanning mode. The newest era of a rangefinder is furnished with the Pin Seeker technology that gives an exact yardage of other objects including flags that goes beyond 200 yards. It is an accurate targeting system zeros in on the objective, so it isolates another objects in the background or way. If there are two or more objects in the view, the pin seeker will seize the nearer object, and it will display its information. Once the target possesses the JOLT Technology, it creates a signal which means that target has been attained. Most golfers said that aiming at the flagstick’s base helps to reach better reading by dodging any extra thing such as trees.

Vivid Display Technology

Golf rangefinder that contains Vivid Display Technology is said to be the best projection display found in the market nowadays such as Bushnell Z6. It is specially made for the rangefinders of Bushnell that increases the contrast, clarity and light transmission. The awful display information becomes better as the information can be seen in read making it easier to read opposite to darker settings. It can be adjusted since it has four levels of brightness making the yardage information much better, but most golfers prefer using only two that seems to function in different conditions.


The Bushnell Z6 has upgraded the 2nd generation ESP or most commonly known as the extreme speed precision at the latest level. The rate of the yardage has been increased to 5 times faster making it two times quicker than before. The distance accuracy display has been taken down to 1 over the 10th yard that is liable for five up to 125 yards.

  • Advantage
  • Two years warranty starting on the day that you purchased it.
  • Once the target has been obtained, the JOLT Technology will give a clear signal to the golfer.
  • Water Resistant
  • The target can be locked quickly because of the Pin Seeker, and it tabulates exact outcome by contradicting extra objects in view.
  • Who is Suitable for this Product?

The Bushnell Z6 golf rangefinder is a friend user device with easy to analyze modes and clear information. Switching the yards and meters can be done easily with the help of distance information found on the display screen. This rangefinder is very popular for professional golf players and also said to be helpful for beginners. Since it is a water resistant rangefinder, it functions very well in rainy days conveniently.

Costumer’s Feedback

On the other rangefinder reviews, Bushnell Z6 has been loved by many professional golf players making it placed in a higher ranking among the other rangefinder in the market nowadays. Since the Bushnell Z6 contains the amazing features such as JOLT Technology and Pin Seeking Technology, it is considered as the Best Golf Rangefinder in the golfing industry.


The Bushnell Z6 golf laser rangefinder can be bought in Amazon at a cost of 400$. It is one of the most advanced technology devices that every professional golfer desire. This rangefinder is made to provide exact readings so that the target can be locked quickly. Its powerful magnification cannot be considered as the hindrance of the technology when it’s time to show the results after the game, unlike the other rangefinders. I can assure you that this rangefinder will give you satisfaction, and it will never disappoint you.

3.Bushnell Tour V3

The Bushnell Tour V3 helps the golfer to carry the rangefinder tightly by not making the rangefinder on losing grip of slipped each time. Aside from that, it also supports the development of accuracy of the laser rangefinder by ten times better. The Bushnell V3 is unnatural with a scope modifying nothing more than 10 yards to a tottering 1000 yards so as being allowed to flag up to 300 yard at a time. This device is equipped with Pin Seeker Technology making it easier for golfers on scanning landscapes with a continuous short update on the LCD of the rangefinder. It allows the golfer to navigate if something is in front of him without moving from his position. The Bushnell V3 has two years warranty and a complete package with 3-volt battery making the rangefinder functions for numerous days and week without recharging it. Unlike the other rangefinder, the Bushnell Tour V3 is legal for golf tournaments.

What makes it the Best Golf Rangefinder?

The Bushnell Laser Rangefinder can be delivered quickly compared to other rangefinder came from different companies. Since this device didn’t require any calibration readjustment, the user is allowed to use it as soon as the user receives the product. Surprisingly, this method is more convenient and very easy to use making it more popular for golfers. This rangefinder is a bit expensive, but it is surely worth buying for. You can have the satisfaction that you’ve been looking from your previous rangefinders. It had an exceptional well-built design and customized making it easier to use for the owner.

The Advanced Features

  • This device is very convenient when trying it out or even in the tournament. It is a user-friendly device that provides vibration to the golfers when the target is already obtained.
  • This tool helps the user to aim his desired target with superb accuracy making it easier to play the game for owners compared to their old rangefinders.
  • This device contains the one the best batteries making it last longer for almost six months with recharging it compared to other laser rangefinders from other companies; their battery can drown easily without noticing it.
  • What makes it a flop?

Sometimes the electrical pattern inside the Bushnell laser rangefinder failed without noticing because it doesn’t give any warning at all. For example, the rangefinder is functioning very well now and after few minutes, it stops working already.

  • The great thing here is the customer service of Bushnell responds immediately the complaints of the customers, so this issue is not a big deal. It allows the user to know that he handles paying costs for shipping the laser rangefinder to Bushnell so as paying the extra costs of shipping from getting back the repaired device.
  • Like the other Bushnell products, it also has a two-year warranty and free of charges for repairing the device. This answers everything why did the owner is the one who handles paying the shipment costs. It takes too much time on fixing the device. Owners wait for up to two weeks to have the device delivered back compared to other that needs to wait more than four weeks.
  • Who can benefit this laser range finder?

The Bushnell Tour V3 is suitable for golf player that loves to note the exact yard scope for every shot and who prefers to know the explicit ranges as well. Old golf players who are having a hard time on finding yards using smartphone applications will also choose this laser rangefinder because it helps them to their observations efficiently. Also, Bushnell Laser Rangefinder is much better since it locks your target by a quick jolt compared to other rangefinders that can’t provide any confirmations regarding the target of the yard range.

Peoples Feedback

The Bushnell Tour V3 Laser Rangefinder wants to make it clearer that even though it suddenly shutdown, the device is stilled the best kind of laser rangefinder in the market, and it’s surely worth buying.

Leupold Gx-3i Series Digital

Another laser rangefinder product made by another company that is highly rated is the Leupold GX-3i Series Digital. This laser rangefinder is a guaranteed rangefinder that contains a prism lock feature with PinHunter Technology. The PinHunter technology allows the user to aim the flagstick without bothering about the background clutter.

Since most of the golf courses are constructed with prism reflectors, its prism lock feature together with the PinHunter Technology helps to secure the flagsticks easily. This product is said to be exclusive since another rangefinder in the market didn’t possess this type of combination. The Leupold GX-3i has a measurement of 3.7×2.9×1.3 inches and a weight of 7.8 ounces. The highest scope of this rangefinder for targets with prism reflector is up to 800 yards over 731 meters. For trees is up to 600 yards over 550 meters and other targeted objects are up to 450 yards over 411 meters. The pasturing accuracy of the GX series rangefinder is positive over negative 0.5 yards. This rangefinder also contains a fog mode that is good at screening out invalid readings made by raindrops.

The product also has a two years warranty and a complete package with CR-2 lithium battery. The GX-3i is said to be the best rangefinder for users who want a combination of the best laser rangefinder features in a stylish and glistening package.

4.Nikon Cool Shot 40

The Nikon Laser Rangefinder is designed as an ergonomic, compact rangefinder. It is a very lightweight rangefinder, absolutely faster and it fits perfectly in your hands. By pressing the power button once you can get the exact distance to any objects in just 8 seconds, and it automatically shuts down so that the battery can save more energy. If you didn’t get the enough information, press again the power button, then you can get the complete distance within 16 seconds until it shuts down. The great thing on this rangefinder is it doesn’t depend on the flagstick reflector and is a multifunction rangefinder. It is also useful not only golf but also in hunting, hiking, etc.

This rangefinder has the measurement of 4.4×1.5×2.8 inches and the weight of 5.9 oz. One of its features is the automatic shutdown that helps to save more energy including CR2 battery and its area measures up to 600 yards. The 6x powerful magnification of this device is very helpful since you can quickly determine the distance of the objective even though you have a poor eye sight. This device contains an option that you can choose between yards or meter on measuring distance, pressing the mode button will do the job.

We all know that Nikon is one of the finest makers in optic technology. No wonder that they made this very well and considered to be one of the most sophisticated laser rangefinders. If you are the type of person whose habit is not playing golf but hunting or hiking, then don’t doubt on choosing the Nikon Cool Shot. This will surely not disappoint you and waste your money.

How to Choose the Best Golf Rangefinder

This review is not only providing content about the best golf rangefinder, but it also helps you on how to choose the best golf rangefinder for you.

Features and type of range finder

Before buying a rangefinder, it is crucial to know and understand first the features and the type of each rangefinder. It is crucial for you to know what should be the best size, shape, magnification, brand, model, accuracy distance measurement and even the price that is perfect for you. It is your responsibility to know each product’s information and it features since you’re the one who’s going to use the rangefinder. There are some functions that are being combined in one product making it the best golf rangefinder. If you’re the type of the person that wants to measure the distance, climatic conditions, time, and altitude, you better choose a rangefinder that contains features that help you to identify all. But if you’re an avid golfer that joins the tournament, then you should buy a rangefinder that is legal in the tournament.


Looking at the price before purchasing the product is one of the wisest ways on buying a rangefinder. On buying rangefinder, it all depends on your budget, so you better look for a very affordable rangefinder if don’t have a big budget for this kind of stuff.

Maximum distance range

Recording the distance range that your rangefinder can cover is imperative when purchasing a rangefinder. If you want a rangefinder that can cover 1000 yards to 900 meters then the Bushnell Tour V3 will your best buddy.

Very Convenient

The rangefinder will last longer depending on how you use it. The efficiency of each rangefinder is imperative since it makes the device easier to use. Look for a rangefinder that is easy operated and that functions very well. Having a bright display is helpful in reading the information about your game and the view apparently. Choose a rangefinder that will work on the both day time and rainy time.

Size and weight

Determining the size and weight of a rangefinder is also important. A rangefinder that is perfect for you, the more it’ll be a user-friendly device. A compact rangefinder and a very light weight are said to be the easiest rangefinder to use. Look for a rangefinder that provides an exact reading quickly and its speed is very fast. By just pushing a button, you can get the exact reading that you’ve been looking. Do not forget a water resistant rangefinder for a rainy weather.

Customer Reviews

  • Reading the description of each product will help you a lot on purchasing the best rangefinder for you.
  • Mistakes that should be avoided on purchasing golf rangefinder
  • Read the following content for you to avoid the mistakes when purchasing rangefinder.

Lack of proper research

Many people who are lazy on reading the product description on buying rangefinder. They choose a rangefinder without knowing the price, brand, feature and the finest models that are available in the market. Because of this behavior, you can get a poor with no-good features of the rangefinder. If you don’t want to waste your money, then you better start reading the product reviews in you’re interested in these kinds of stuff.

Ignoring the Reviews

Some buyers chose to ignore other people’s review because they think that they’re wrong. Checking the reviews on different sites where people shared their experienced on using those products is also the best way to avoid mistakes.

Legal Rangefinder for Tournament

Choosing a rangefinder without reading each description, it will surely give you trouble. It is important for you to know which rangefinder that is legal in the tournament and not allowed in competition. Not all rangefinder has the same feature that’s why you should read the reviews about the rangefinder. Do not forget that the slope edition rangefinder is not allowed in a tournament or professional gameplay.

Purchasing a Brand less Product

In purchasing golf rangefinder, you better buy rangefinder with a favorite product because it will surely last longer and also comes with fantastic features that help you to play a perfect game. Purchasing a brand fewer products will only waste your money, and it only gives you an inferior quality product.


So that’s the list of the best laser golf rangefinder reviews this year of 2015. Both beginners and professional will surely enjoy those products since it has individual surprising features that give you satisfaction. Just take the time to read on each review so that it would not be a big problem for you on choosing the golf rangefinder.


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