Best Home Pregnancy Test

In getting a home pregnancy test, there are a lot off factors to be considered. One of its factors is a home pregnancy test that can be read easily, a home pregnancy test that will give you false results or a home pregnancy test with advanced technology giving you exact information on how long you are pregnant. This article provides the list of sex best home pregnancy test and their amazing features that help you to decide what the best bumpie for you.


Top 6 Best Home Pregnancy Test

1.Clearblue Easy Plus Pregnancy Test, 2 Count

How does it function?

Pee directly on the broad absorbent tip and wait for the result. Can’t wait to see the outcome? The digital screen comes with a progress screen that helps you to know if the digital pregnancy test is working. After three minutes of waiting, you can get the exact result if it positive or negative by flashing the words “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” making it easier to understand.


The test can be done if the four days early before the expected date of your menstruation, but its accuracy is only 51%. But taking it the one day before the expected date of your menstruation and the accuracy will rise to 95% and taking it on the exact day of your expected period is 99% accurate.

Bumpies say

“I like this Clearblue Digital because it is very convenient to use. You are not having a hard time in figuring out if the line means positive or negative. I even find the positivity of my pregnancy in 9 days of post-ovulation.”


2. Easy@Home 25 Pregnancy (HCG) Urine Test Strips, 25 HCG Tests

How does it function?

The First Response Early Result or FRER is a type of pregnancy test that only requires peeing on the stick to give you the result. Place it directed in your urine stream so it will pick up pregnancy hormones. After three minutes of waiting, if it shows single pink line means you are not pregnant and if double pink line means you are pregnant. Do not get confuse if it shows faint lines because it can be considered as the same result.


This pregnancy test is one of the most sensitive pregnancy tests that can be seen in the market. Using the FRER five days before your expected menstruation gives you 76% of accuracy. As the day passes by, the accuracy becomes higher as you get closer to the expected date of your menstruation. Use this in the morning as your first urine has more pregnancy hormone so you can get the best accuracy.

Bumpies say

“FRER is effective. After I had used it yesterday, I found out that I am pregnant 11 days post-ovulation.”


“I receive a positive result using the FRER at ten days of post-ovulation and on the same day, I got an 8.79 HCG result of my blood test at the doctor’s office, so it’s sensitive.”


3. Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips, 25-count medical

How does it work?

This is not a typical pregnancy test with handheld contraptions like the other brands. It’s like a litmus paper that you need to dip into the cup with your urine. The result will come out after 5 minutes and like the other pregnancy tests, single line stand for negative and double lines means positive.


The description of the product says that it is effective when it is used one day after the expected date of your period, but some old users say that it also worked when its used early like at 8 to 10 days post-ovulation.

Bumpies say

“It’s my 8th day post-ovulation, and I tested the pregnancy test this morning, I got a false result but I checked again this afternoon on the same day, and I got a faint positive result, so I need to keep testing it until I receive a good outcome. I never regret on having this pregnancy test strips since it’s very amazing.”

Mimalo say

“I love using the Wondfos pregnancy test because I can use it ten times each day, and I don’t feel about using them.”


4. First Response Gold Digital Pregnancy Test Early Result Kit 2 ea

How does it work?

Consider this pregnancy test as a combination of the FRER and Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with the smart countdown that is a quiet advantage from other brands. The procedure for using this is like the other products, but the screen will show you the results like “yes +” for positive and “no –“ for negative.


The manufacturer can guarantee 60% of efficiency in giving results to the user when it’s used five days before the expected date of menstruation and 99% for one day.

Bumpies say

“I consider this as one of the most sensitive pregnancy tests that can be seen in the market.”


5.New Choice Pregnancy Test 99% Accurate

How does it work?

Since the package comes with a dropper, put some amount of your pee in a cup and use the dropper to get some of your urine and place it into the particular area of the pregnancy test. Like the typical pregnancy tests, double lines means positive, and single line means negative.


The makers of New Choice Pregnancy Test guarantee a 99% accuracy of the result, but there’s no exact date on when would be the product’s effectiveness. It is sensitive like the e.p.t.

Bumpies say

“I started doing the test at my 10 or 12 post-ovulation, and I receive the positive result at 13 or 14 days of post-ovulation. After I had got the result, I went to the store to buy a digital pregnancy test for confirmation.”

Mrs.Teddy say

“I got the positive outcome with my son on my 10th day of the post-ovulation and 11th day of my daughter with the Dollar Tree test. One thing I don’t like about it is the procedure using a dropper. It’s a bit annoying.”

6.Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown, 3 Count (Packaging May Vary)

How does it work?

Unlike the other typical pregnancy test, the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test will give you an exact result, and if it happens to be positive, it will give you the accurate information on how long you are pregnant. The pee stick comes with a two strips and it both measures the HCG, the hormones that are being produced by a pregnant woman. If you are looking for a pregnancy test that can be read easily the results and gives you an exact time of your pregnancy, then this one is right for you.


The Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test has been approved by the FDA in the year 2012 as a 99% accurate for providing pregnancy results when it is used for the day of expected period.

Bumpies say

“I used it for confirmation at that day when I figured out that I was pregnant, and it’s accurate. The pregnancy test is only valid for three weeks since it’s originated so more than three weeks doesn’t give you clearer information.”


So that’s the reviews of the best top 6 pregnancy test. All of them come with their different features that will surely give you a precise and exact result regarding your pregnancy. Using one of these tests will surely make everything better


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