Best Motorcycle Helmets

Since vehicle accidents are common nowadays, Helmet is one of the very useful things to look at. There are tons of helmets on the market and also people’s varying preferences made us almost impossible to have a list of better motorcycle helmets. However, basing from the numbers of reviews, high demand in the market, its price and style and also what we think makes the grade, we’ve come up with this 5 helmet below.

List Best Motorcycle Helmets Reviews in the market

1.HJC CL-17

The top of the list is the HJC CL-17. When looking for a best motorcycle helmet, one’s primary concern should be his/her safety when wearing it and this CL 17 helmet does will surely do a great job. The advance polycarbonate composite shell helmet has strictly followed the safety standards having the certificate from both Snell and DOT.

This is impressively designed for those motorcycle riders out there. It makes the user more prepared for massive fog and rays from the sun since its face shield is prepped with a Pinlock that gives the user a resistance on massive fog and UV protection. The parts are easily removed so the user won’t find a hard time cleaning it occasionally and most especially, this helmet has a moisture wicking and anti-bacterial fabric which prevents the helmet from unwanted odor that is an issue on other helmets.

The once super famous helmet model CL-16 was replaced by this CL-17, which is a slightly refined and lighter version. It is designed with a ventilation system and then even called ‘ACS’ or advanced Channeling Ventilation System. Humidity and Heat won’t be an issue during the ride because the air will flow from right to the back. And what’s making the riders go for this model more? It’s having ton of value for the price (about $125). In anywhere they search, people would probably choose this because of its perfect fit, style to which you have pretty good numbers to choose from (colors and graphics) and of course, its price.

2.Arai Vector-2

This second Helmet is the most basic or ‘entry-level’, specialized and full of features helmet. Though it’s basic, it still is far on the top than the other high-end products.

Meeting the DOT and Snell safety standard, according to their own Arai’s Research and Development Labs, is not the only thing to consider for the riders safety, it must also have excellent ventilation and great shield which is what they put in this Arai Vector-2 Helmet along with small but important improvements. That is what makes it different from other helmets like Corsair V.

Thanks to the upgrade of the original vector’s design, this helmet now has a greater peripheral view giving them 5mm on each side, which constitute to a very different feels when wearing it. The rider would also notice a clever liner and the change in the cheek pads, making it adjustable, as well as the improvement on the ventilation system in the helmet with front and rear vents that can give and keep you with the right temperature—makes sure that the warm air of the user’s breath can easily escape.

It is certainly worth every penny when you choose to purchase this high-end finest quality helmet like this Arai and the Vector-2.

3.IV2 901

Considered to be the best ‘bargain’ helmet, this DOT approved IV2 901 is certainly a sturdy helmet with a really low price. Though its not a helmet loaded with features, it’s the most affordable helmet which cost under $50 on the AMAZON, mush less expensive compared to those premium brands. So if the price is on your top requirement in choosing a helmet, you might want to check this out.

It’s features are easy-to-change clear and smoked visor (so there is no need to go to a hardware for changing it), 3 front vents, 1 at the chin and 2 just above the shield.

It’s not the helmet that has this amazing features and quality but the price says it all and the fact that it actually rated pretty good on Amazon (nearly 50% of buyers gave it a perfect rating), I think still is worth to have this spot on this list.

4.Shoei RF-1200

This latest model of the popular RF helmets from Shoei is surely a remarkable premium unit.

A DOT and Snell approved unit just like the other best items of Shoei. Taking the best out of the 1000 and 1100 units of shoei, they have undergone a kind of redesingning. Now, this newly developed and is improved Shoei RF-1200 is a bit more compact, lighter (3.5 pound) and was cut down with some unnecessary parts and focus on improving some of the twisted parts, making it smaller and just right for the user.

There was a lot of effort done to improve this latest model to make it more comfortable and well-fitting. They have improve the moisture-wicking fiber in the inner shell, have updated the ventilation giving you more control and better system and also a brand new shield and eye port. What makes it more amusing is that you can tighten or loosen the lock of the shield depending on your preference or any outside factors (weather conditions). And also the eye port was attached with a reinforced double walled gasket just to create an outstanding cover against wind, noise, and the environmental elements.

If a premium helmet is something you are interested with, don’t miss the chance of skipping this one. Those units RF-1000 and RF-1100 were a blast and I know this one would make its way to the famous list of helmets just like the other two before this. So, what are you waiting for? Give yourself a treat and go buy one.

5.Shoei Neotec

Owners will tell you that this unique module (flip up) helmet is certainly an item to look at. Having an almost perfect reviews across multiple sites, we are very confident to recommend this ShoeiNeotec, the best modular helmet you can find.

Though it’s still your preference on the style of helmet you’re going to buy, you still might want to check out its functionality and versatility, and if that matters to you most, then Neotec can be the perfect helmet for you. Your choice if you want to flip up or down the visor or the whole face up and the built-in shade visor. There are a lot of options you can do with it, depending on the ride you’re doing or whatever makes you comfortable.

The visor and shield can be handled easily without any hustle The ventilation is good as well, having the double EPS liner help with it and its absorption. The liner is also designed to fit perfectly on the head of the rider if in case of any impact situation, plus it is easy to take out and wash. See, It has everything you need and it’s also made by Shoei, one of the qualities-producing company so you surely have a great company behind yourhelmet. So if you’re searching for a modular helmet, Neotec is the best item you should be checking out now.

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