Best Portable Generator Reviews

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Best Portable Generator Reviews

Power outage is sometimes unexpected. It is common phenomena everywhere in the country that has greatly affects our daily chores and obligations. It is aggravating when we lost electricity without warning. But anyway, you can’t do anything about it but to fret. Especially during a cold night and you woke up from cold because the heater has no power anymore; and find out that there is a power shortage. Or you are in the middle of baking or blending and suddenly the power is lost. It would really make you upset for sure.

But today, there is a solution for this problem. The watt portable generator is a machine that every home must have. When you lost electricity, you can take it anywhere in your house and plug the appliances that you are going to use. You can even bring it outdoor. The 10,000 watt portable generator can power up your appliances until the electricity comes back. The household that has a portable generator has a great advantage especially today that we always experience power shortage. So, to help you choose the right watt portable generator, this article gathered all the different models and brands of generators which received great feedbacks from the buyers. Check them out.

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1.DuroMax XP10000EH 18HP Dual Fuel Propane/Gas Powered Portable Electric Start Generator, 10,000-watt

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The best thing about DuroMax is that; it is powered by gas or propane. So you can hook up any tank to power your generator. Propane increases the running time of the generator by 100%. Other than that, it is safe to use and it is clean.

When you have DuroMax portable generator, you will not have to worry about lost of electricity because this generator is not affected by power outage. It is convenient and you can even hook it in the tank of your barbeque grill. With this generator, you can save electricity because no need to charge it for 24 hours a day just to be able to power it up when needed. This product is cost $1,109.99. This will worth your money ns your will never regret it since it has been receiving great feedback from the buyers. A gas powered generator at this price is a great investment.

2. DuroMax XP10000E 10,000 Watt 16 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator with Wheel Kit and Electric Start

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This type of portable generator operates quietly compared to other generators. Unlike other generators that produce annoying and loud noise when operating, this one is very quiet. Plus, it comes with many outlets that you can plug various appliances in your home, and tools when you are using it in the job site. It has an 8.3 gallon tank that can give power up to 10 hours.

It is also equipped with slots for two 120 volt household appliances and can hold high powered tools. This product has gathered 4.4 reviews out of 5.

3.Powerland PD10000E 10,000 Watt 16 HP OHV Gas Powered Portable Generator with Electric Start & Wheel Kit (CARB Compliant)

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The Powerland PD1000E generator is a powerful machine that can power up many appliances in your home. With HVAC systems, you can use this machine to keep you cool in the summer and keep you warm in the winter. You can rely on this generator to provide power for 12 hours even only half load of the fuel tank.

The tank can hold up to 4 gallons. So, if you fill it up, you can guarantee to have a longer power source during brownout. This is a powerful portable generator that can keep your several appliances working at once. Though there are some complaints about misalignments of the machine, you can always find the perfect purchase of this model. It cost $980, cheaper than the other brand with the same wattage. This product has garnered 4.1 stars out of 5.

4.Generac 5802 XG10000E 10,000 Watt 530cc OHVI Gas Powered Portable Generator with Wheel Kit & Electric Start

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The 5802 generator is built for homes and job sites. It is equipped with impressive features which makes it a powerful source during power outage. The engine in this machine is built purposely for generators. Its features includes; lighted power meter, protective covers for unused outlets and “never flat wheels” and a fold down handle for convenience purposes.

This unit has received good feedbacks and there are some bad. Some complained that it only worked short time and failed on the later use. However, those feedbacks are given justice by most reviews that say it is for longevity use. This machine is expensive than the others. It costs $2,099.00.

5.DuroMax XP4400EH 7 HP Dual Fuel Propane/Gas Powered Portable Electric Start Generator, 4400-Watt

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This kind of generator is environmentally friendly, easy to handle and easy to use. With its 4400-watt is more than enough to handle all your electricity needs. From all your home appliances like refrigerators, rice cooker, heaters and all your tools that requires power. Its feature is designed for safety usage and would function for long run. And its portable, u can carry it with you if you’re planning to go out on the road for a long ride, camping, and outing with family. This generator suits for you to give you comfort. The best features of these portable generators are that it allows you to use both fuels propane and gas. Whatever the purpose generators need fuel to run their combustion engines.

Gas generator is common to all, since gas is easy to obtain and available almost every day. Propane is beneficial because it did require not electricity to fill the tank and you can store for a longer period. You can stock more propane in the tank not like gas that you can store only up to 12 months.

This product earned a lot of reviews from our viewers. Some says it’s the best generator with its good quality it suits everyone’s needs of power without any inconvenience, if you need electricity anywhere and wherever you are. Some also give negatives feedbacks saying that manual not good, missing parts and it didn’t start right away. Product cost $549.99

6. Powerland PD3G10000E 10,000 Watt Tri-Fuel 16 HP Gas/Propane/Natural Gas Powered Portable Generator with Electric Start

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This generator uses three source of fuel; it runs on gas, propane and natural gas. This generator is perfect for home use, business and job site. It’s guaranteed durable 16 HP, heavy duty and easy to operate. The advantage of tri-fuel generator is that if you are on the job site and runs out of gasoline and don’t have immediate access on it, still you have you can use propane or natural gas.

It is easy to switch the fuel from gas to propane and to natural gas. Using propane and natural gas is proven to be much safer than gasoline. This generator is easy to maintain and with good engine that will last long. This product receives good ratings reviews and positive feedback from viewers. It is also mentioned that some client are complaining about the instruction manual that it is written in Chinese and translated by non English speaker. This product cost $1,149.00.

7.DuroStar DS4000S 4,000 Watt 7.0 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator

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If you want to protect your family from power outage, or you want to go out with your family on the road, camping, travelling across to your favorite city in your RV, DuroStar DS40000S is the perfect for you. It features is design for easy start and handling. It will provide all the power you needed in your home to all your home appliances. Having a generator in your home is a big advantage in case of bad weather and power outage it will avoid you from distraction of power lost. It’s available in compact design and offer durability. It run quietly and can supply to all your high powered home appliances. DuroStar DS4000S start quickly it work great and would last for 8 hours. Let’s see more features of this generator.

Features of DuroStar DS4000S

  • The outlets run on 120 volts 20 amps
  • 0 horsepower air-cold overhead valve.
  • 3,300 watts power
  • Fuel tank capacity 4 gallon, run for 8 hours.
  • Includes two 3-prong outlets for household power supply
  • Uses Air cooling system
  • It includes full power with oil warning light, volt meter, and circuit breaker and power outlets.
  • Engine is protected with low oil shut-off
  • It uses quiet muffler to reduce the noise of the engine
  • It will shut down automatically when runs out of fuel.
  • Optional wheel kit is available if u want extra portability for this model
  • And with 1 year warranty


  • This watt portable generator is very affordable regarding its impressive features.
  • Guaranteed durable and made of quality materials that can last long.
  • Its operates quietly and smoothly due to its muffler that reduces the noise of the engine
  • The recoil start mechanism does not entail an electric start, which means that you will not encounter trouble during installation.
  • It’s easy to operate you just need to put oil and pull the cord to start the engine.


Therefore the DuroStar generator is considered as one of the best portable generator in the market. Most of the customer are delighted with the the automatic low-oil shut down feature. It is the best way not to overheat the engine when running over a longer period. This kind of model is suitable for outing and camping since it is easy to handle and operate. The materials use for this kind generator is good quality that gives outstanding features similar to more expensive generators, and it is more affordable. If you are to compare this generator to other models this is the standard one with a very competitive price in the market.

8. Yamaha EF2000iS 2,000 Watt 79cc OHV 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

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If you love a long ride travel across the country you might consider this kind of generator Yamaha EF2000iS .Not only for travel but also is suitable for your home appliances. Same like other generator it operates quietly and smoothly. And if you don’t have bigger space in your RV this generator fits for you. It’s very handy and light weight you can move it or transfer easily.

One customer gave her feedback after having this generator that she’s happy and contented with the product. With its incredible features combined with fuel economy options it is very useful specially now days high cost gasoline. Since the engine is not noisy it works quietly you can also do your task without disturbance, you can even take a nap without turning it off. Below are the features of this generator that will give you reason to have it in every possible way. Anyway having a generator in your in home is big advantage in case of power outage.

Features of Yamaha EF2000iS

  • This kind of model use gas fuel and it’s safe to use compared to other generator
  • With its Inverter system that has PWM control it can run electronic devices with built in microcomputer
  • This generator will start easily due to its Auto-decompression system
  • It runs and operates quietly due to muffler that reduces the noise
  • Product weight 44 pounds, compact design and handy
  • When it comes to fuel consumptions this generator is economical since it can run for more than 10 hours
  • It can last long and still efficient even used in long period]d of time due its 79cc OHV engines that include a cast iron cylinder liner
  • It is a powerful device that can run at 1,600 watts
  • It is equip with an Oil watch warning system that ensures safety and prevents damage of the engine
  • It has a standard easy outlets that can handle even an 8amp 12V outlets
  • If your objectives is to power all household appliances you can order the TwinTech capability because it can power up two generators at a time with a maximum output of 3600 watts
  • CARB compliant
  • Up to 1.11 gallons of fuel storage capacity
  • With two years warranty


Most of the clients that are overwhelmed and satisfied with this product they gave happy and interesting feedbacks. Customers who bought and invested on this model gave high ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars because of its features that offers guaranteed good quality and easy to operates. They able to experience that this generator functions great and its worth having at home for more convenience.


  • Equipped with safety measures that turn off the engine once it is almost run out of furl
  • Safe to use with computers, laptop, mobile phone or tablet
  • It is equipped with an Inverted System with Pulse Width Modulation control mechanism that guarantees a consistent current and stability of power.
  • Ideal for high-techs sensitive devices.


Yamaha EF2000iS generator is one of the best because it is safe to use and good for sensitive devices. It is a perfect emergency source during power outage. Buying this generator is definitely a wise and good investment that will not cost you a lot. It s price is very affordable and will worth your money.

9.All Power America APG3014 2,000 Watt 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator

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Having a power generator in your home has a big advantage for you and for your family. It is one machine that is very reliable when disaster strikes or when you have power outage unexpectedly at night. Some people may think it as a luxury, but if you are well informed of its benefits, you will learn how important it is to you. Below is a review of a very affordable generator that is really a good investment for a lifetime. The All Power America APG3014 generator is a powerful generator that you should have.

Features of All Power America APG3014

  • It can operate at 1,400 watts continuosly and 2,000 watts surge.
  • It is can absorb a 3 horsepower 4 – stroke OHV engine
  • It operates quietly because the noise level does not exceed 65 decibels.
  • It can provide power for 9 hours
  • Very convenient if ever you want to transport it since it only weighs around 54 pounds. Ideal for camping trip and it can fit in the truck of your car.
  • It comes with three outlets , one with 12V and two more with 120AC outlets
  • It is powered by a type of unleaded gasoline which is easily accessible in any gasoline station.
  • The starting mechanism of the generator is a start recoil system.
  • Non-CARB complaint and is EPA approved.
  • It is safer because it comes with a low shutdown and a safety feature that automatically turn down the engine when it’s almost run out of fuel.
  • It has a one year warranty upon date of purchase.


Majority of the customers are happy with the performance of this unit, however there are some who complains about the generator. All complains will be discussed and can be given solution. Regarding with some negative feedbacks, this generator, still garnered an innumerable excellent rate from the users.


  • This type of generator is affordable that only cost below $300
  • Available in compact design which makes it easy to transport and ideal for camping
  • It takes less space in your home because of its compact design
  • It operates quietly compared to other model of portable generator. Though it is natural to hear it running, but the noise is not annoying even when you are sleeping.
  • It is a four stroke unit and now designs with an increasing lifespan.
  • Eco-friendly operation system. It exhaust low amount of gas and it guarantees less leaks of hydrocarbon.
  • It uses cheaper fuel to power up but still offers an enhanced running time.
  • It can supply power at least 10 hours with only a full 1.32 gallon tank and operating at 50% capacity.


Even with its very affordable price, this generator will never fail you with low performance. The All Power America can serve you just like the expensive brands. According to the majority of the customers review, this model performs well and very reliable when it comes to supplying power during outage. This generator is definitely a good investment that you must have in your home. It is very affordable and reliable performance.

10. Powermate PM0497000.04 8,750 Watt 389cc 13HP Honda GX390 Gas Powered Portable Generator

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People who are suffering with sleep apnea can never enjoy camping outdoors especially if they are used of having a CPAP machine. But with a portable generator that produces an annoying noise, camping can be enjoyable even to those with sleep apnea. The Powermate Honda Gas powered generator is the solution. This generator is also ideal for camping trips and home use. You can now enjoy having an outdoor adventure with your family.

Check out the amazing features of this portable generator which makes it one of the highly recommended by those who have used it.

Features of Powermate PM0497000.04

  • It has a reliable power source of 13 horsepower OHV Honda engine
  • It has a GX390 robust engine that offers numerous advantages without compromising its performance. It is durable; engine produces quite operation and efficient mechanism.
  • Engine with a displacement capacity of 389 cubic centimeters
  • It is equipped with automatic shut down mechanism which turns off the machine before the oil runs dry. It prevents the engine from damage.
  • It has five outlets, so you can plug five appliances at once. One outlet can handle 120V and one is solely dedicated for heavy power tools with a voltage of 120/24. It also has a twist lock and circuit breaker protection.
  • Normally running at 7,000 and can reach maximum surge of 8,750 watts safely without overloading
  • This generator comes with an automatic Voltage regulator for enhanced protection and additional control.
  • it has an 8 gallon fuel tank with a gauge
  • it can supply power for 10 hours, although there are customers reviews that it can give power for almost 12 hours.
  • Comes in compact design measuring 24.2” x 21” x 31.2”
  • Weighs at approximately 200 pounds and comes with a portable kit
  • The portable kit comes with dual folding handles and 10 inches pneumatic wheels, so it can be transported easily and quickly regarding of its weight.
  • Customers are given a 2 years of limited warranty upon purchase


Though this model has not garnered the highest rating from the customer’s reviews, the 4.8 out of 5 star rating is more than enough to call it a reliable model of generator. This brand comes from the line of famous manufacturer of equipments such as; air compressors, pressure washers, generators. Therefore, they are the most reliable and trusted name when it comes to machines for commercial needs and home use.

The machine has been tested repeatedly before it comes out to the market. This is to ensure its quality and performance. If ever you have purchased a defective unit, you are covered with a warranty for two years, just contact the sellers and they will replace the unit or let it fixed.


  • Equipped with circuit breaker system
  • Comes with automatic regulator – both of this powerful features ensures safety because it prevents overloads and short circuits.


The Powermate PMO497000.07 is a reliable power source engine in the industry today. This is a great investment for your home and commercial use. Whenever you are planning to buy a generator, include this in your list. This is an investment that will worth your money.

11.Sportsman GEN7000LP 7000-Watt 13 HP OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator

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Now a day’s specifically United States, hurricanes, climate change is not a new thing. And this reason for total blackouts it will occurs anytime of the day. Because of this calamity generator is the best solution in order to have power supply to support your daily need for electricity. Home owners are searching for convenient generator to prevent power shortage and inconvenience. And if you want a powerful and reliable generator Sportsman GEN7000LP Portable Generator is suitable for you.

Since you don’t exactly know when the power will come back again it’s better to be prepared by having a generator in your home to prevent power outage. Sportsman GEN7000LP generator has optimal fuel economy is easy to use and highly versatile. This kind of generator is what you need! Let’s know more of the feature of this generator.

Features of Sportsman GEN7000LP 7000-Watt 13 HP OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator

  • This generator ha s4 x 120V outlet and 1 x 120/240V outlet.
  • GEN7000LP motor mode output is 7,000 surge watts and 6000 running watts.
  • This model has a motor unit of 13 HP output
  • It started with recoil trigger or electric trigger
  • The propane tank of this generator is similar to the one used in gas grills
  • This product weight 172 pounds , 33 x 19.5 x 24.5 inches dimension
  • Sportsman GEN7000LP run silently. It doesn’t produce noise over 80 decibels while functioning at its full capacity
  • This generator operates 8 hours and use only 20 pounds of propane more or less, it is very fuel efficient
  • It is very safe since all outlets of this model includes overload protection
  • It has power motor switch that can be turned off quickly without any hassle
  • This generator has full power panel for excellent management
  • Over heating is not a problem of this unit is not problem because it has air cooling capabilities
  • It has oil monitoring censors, voltage regulators and fire preventing features
  • The package of this item include 5 foot hose equipped with a regulator


In this product we can all say, thanks goodness to all incredible features of GEN7000LP sportsman model. Home owners adore and enjoy the benefits they get from this generator. Most of the customers who already have this product gave a positive feedback and recommend to all users. This product is highly appreciated by clients with its useful features; they are pleased with the ability to provide enough power for all home appliances. One of the best characteristic of this generator is the ability to start via recoil/electric button. This model is durable that can last a long period of time. Moreover, this product has the ability to provide enough power to supply even to other house simultaneously. Lastly GEN7000LP is easy to install within in just few minutes and it’s done, no need an experience person to put it for you, you can do it by yourself with simple features.


This Sportsman GEN7000LP generator is propane base model and it’s environmentally friendly. This model is more superior compared to some other propane based electrical generators because its features designed to give a balance usage and it’s economically safe. This product has its fuel efficacy and low maintenance cost, it gives no hassle. In addition, propane tanks can be stored for a longer period not like gasoline fuel generator. This kind of model more superior than the other because it expulses 40% less CO during the operation and consume less propane. Moreover, the price of this model is very competitive and reasonable. Considering the characteristic this product offers, it also saves money due to its slow fuel consumption. It is highly efficient since it runs on a clean burning propane gas. It has easy start/stop manual operation that incorporates all safety measures.


Sportsman GEN7000LP is an excellent choice among all generators with its multipurpose outlets capable of sporting 13 HP with 7,000/6,000 running power. This generator operates 8 hours and use only 20 pounds of propane. It has oil monitoring censors, voltage regulators and fire preventing features. This product includes 5 foot hose equipped with a regulator in the package.

12.DuroMax Elite MX4500E 4,500 Watt 7 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator

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The DuroMax MX4500E is one of the best because it offers a multipurpose gas-powered electricity generator. It works efficiently during power outage or if ever you want to use it outdoors. It also provides fuel efficiency and eco friendly too. So, when you need a generator that is reliable and efficient when it comes to restoring power, choose the DuroMax Elite. It also comes with safety measure and operates quietly throught the help of its noise cancellation technology.

Features of DuroMax Elite MX4500E

  • It has an air vented 4 point motor, so it is so easy to start and stop
  • Equipped with a muffler that controls the noise during operation.
  • The motor of DuroMax is covered or encased with a heavy duty stainless steel
  • The body is constructed with a stainless steel alloys
  • Power panel is Equipped with 2 x 120V AC outlets, 1 x 120?240V AC outlet
  • Tank has a capacity of 4 gallons
  • This generator has the capability of outputting 3,500/4,500 surge power
  • The DuroMax roll cage is safe from damage since it is isolated
  • It also includes an oil monitoring sensors so, it is safe and fuel saving since it turns off the generator the fuel level is running low.
  • It is safe from overloading
  • Equipped with voltmeter, motor off switch, circuit breakers
  • This model operates for 8h at 50% load on a single tank
  • The exhaust unit includes a spark arrestor safeguard. This is to prevent and eradicate potential cause of fire.
  • Dimensions: 37” x 22” x 21” , weight; 141 pounds with empty tank
  • It is equipped with deem wheels for easy transport even in rugged terrain
  • It is easy to operate by a pull cord or by using electricity button.
  • They offer 1 year warranty


This portable generator received outstanding reviews from the customers. It is because of the versatility and the durability of this model. You can use it in your home and even outdoors and for job sites. It has been reported that this generator can handle heavy weight power tools in extended period of time. It is definitely a reliable power source as the majority users suggest. With its reasonable price, you will never regret when you purchase this powerful generator.


  • Can run up to 8 hours without refill
  • Environmental friendly
  • Provides sufficient multipurpose outlets to power up your appliances and building needs’
  • Equipped with muffler to control the noise
  • It has numerous safety measures to prevent the machine from damage and fire


The DuroMax Elite MX4500E is one good performing portable generator that can output 3,500/4,500 and can supply power for 8 hours with only 4 gallons of gasoline. It operates quietly and a reliable source of power during brownout. The amount of this generator compliments the quality and performance. In fact, it is affordable regarding from its high rated review.

How to Choose a Portable Generator

When you think of an investment for your home, a portable generator should be one of those. Why? Well, let’s face it. We use electricity everyday and most all appliances in our homes which help us in our daily chores are powered by electricity. Even hospitals use life saving apparatuses that are powered by electricity. So, electricity is very important to us.

A power outage or a brownout can cost lot of problems to us. It stops our work and even makes our living like hell in this world that runs by electricity. The sole solution of power outage is none other than a machine that can supply electricity without using electricity. Yes, I am talking about this genius invention which is the generators. So, for this reason alone, having a portable generator is life saving for us. You can still continue your work and enjoy the comfort with your appliances at home even during loss of power. A portable generator is definitely a great investment.

Now that you are already informed of the advantages of owning a portable generation, your concern would be, how to use the best generator in the market. So, when you are planning to buy a portable generator, you should consider some important things. First; the wattage of the generator that you will buy. Remember, the lower that wattage, the more economical it will be. Consider your purpose why do you need to buy a generator. You can find methods online on how to calculate the watts of your appliances that needs to power up. Calculation of wattage involves adding the wattage of appliances that you need to power up.

Second; consider the fuel usage and running time. Each model of portable generator comes with a fuel usage and running time. To this point, the bigger size has bigger tanks and therefore, uses more fuel and can power up longer than the generators with smaller tanks.

You can also find helpful tips from online reviews about portable generators. And last thing that you must consider in buying a generator is your budget. Choose a generator that will fit your budget but still ensures quality and performance. The customers reviews online will help you decide which is the best affordable generator in the market.

So that’s it, consider the wattage, the fuel consumption and running time and off course, your budget price. Once all these concerns are met, you can now decide which product will suit your needs. This is to help you spend your money without regret.

Generator Safety Tips For You

Benefits of getting portable generator

A portable generator is all we need; it’s a life saver because it provides power in time of power outage. Since it is portable it is very handy, easy to use and perfectly safe. Every household should have a generator to avoid inconvenience incase of power lost. Whether there’s a natural disaster or not, generator is not only for emergency use but is also useful when you’re on a road trip, camping and outing where you can easily plug your phone charger, laptops and all your important devices that needs power.

Natural Disaster– We cannot tell when is the natural disaster will strike in our town. When there is hurricane, tornado eventually power goes out and having a generator in your home can even saves life. Natural disaster happen at any time of the day and having a generator at home is very important. Household can be benefited wisely using generators it will light up the kitchen when there’s power lost. You can plug your refrigerators, rice cooker, oven and all your home appliances.

Medical emergency- Hospitals often have life support system that uses electricity, and if there’s power outage it is very important to have generators so not to put the patient’s life at risk in case of power problem. Literally the lives of some people rely on health care facility.

Travel – most of us tend to travel because of our works and simply want to have vacations with our families. But what happens when you run out of electricity on your vehicle. Imagine you are stranded in the middle of the road with no back up support. Having a portable generator would really help you, especially bad times comes, like run out of electricity. That is one major problem we especially comes in our way. So having a portable generator provide the electricity you needed on your travels.

Camping-when we hear the camping, we especially remember the nature. Having a portable generator would really help you on your camping trips. It helps you to cook food a lot faster because you need to start a fire using rocks. Just plug your grill and your ready to cook. Saves your time and it gives electricity on night.

Power outages-we all hate when the power goes out and we can do nothing about it. We have to wait the electrician to take care of the problems. Fixing problems like these could days, weeks or even months. So having a portable generator would really help us in time like these and can help us to communicate to the world even without currents. A portable generator can give us the power we need just in time for the electrician can fix the problem.


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