Best Safety Razors Reviews

Nowadays, variety of razors are made by several companies, different in a number of parts, structure, and type of comb. Each may vary in style but always serve the same purpose—to clean up those hair and leave a clean shave. However, there are things to consider in choosing the right razor among those numbers of razors in the market and after testing them, we’ve come up to a list of top quality razors. Here are some of those.

List 8 Best Safety Razors in the market with reviews

1.Parker 99R Super Heavyweight Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Another favorite, Parker 99R razor was uniquely designed enough to catch the eye of the consumer and get the heart of those who see the result when it’s used. Designed in a butterfly-opening style that makes it easier to replace its blade, created in a heavyweight design, an incredibly attention-catcher chrome-plated brass frame, and a textured handle for an excellent grip

Key things to know:

Among the three other razors, this Parker 99R can give that most ‘manly-feels’. Parker 99R features a turn to open handle which gives the user easy access to the blades when switching.

You possibly have attained the idea that this razor prides itself on being long and heavy as its name shows. It has textured chrome finish that provides a vintage premium feel which also is loved bearing in mind its price value.

The handle with 4 inch length does have its number of useful purpose and benefits for a proper and sure grasp of the razor which is always important especially when using it with wet hands and shaving foam are around!

Parker 99R is by far the finest safety razor that every menis hoping to have one and get their hands on. The item is fine-looking, it is very simple to use and easily fits in your hands, and it makes a flawless clean shave every time.

If you’re searching for the most manly and durable safety Razor then this Parker 99R is exactly the product that you are looking for.And also it has one of the most numbers of razor production. So, no worries, there is always left for you to buy, but what are you waiting for? Don’t waste time and go grab some!

2.Parker 96R – Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 SHARK blades

The other tremendously working razor and the final part of this list is Parker 96R, another Parker Razors product which obviously makes Parker in thetactical place to compete with the otherRazor producers—Merkur and Edwin Jagger when it comes to who makes the best de razor.

This second featured razor of Parker has a long handle and with open double-edge razor that comes along with free 5shrill SHARK blades.

If one may look at the Merkur Classic safety Razor mentioned the first on the list, one would notice its slightly similar design with how this Parker 96R look, however, the Merkur has a silver chrome finishing while this Parker 96R has a black brass frame and that s what makes them different. Looking at its reviews, the Parker 96R does not come close to the second featured Merkur model (Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Chrome Safety Razor), but, it still does make you look clean and good like that of a traditional shave of your grandfather back on the 1880’s.


  • It is a Superb Razor: –Even though it is not the top of the list, this Parker 96R will serve you just as good as the rest of the razors in this list. If you are a beginner, this would certainly work for you. This safety razor is easy to use, gives a tremendous result and let’s just say it’s ’user-friendly’, because it makes you get away with those cuts and nicks that other razors might give you.
  • Comes along with Free Blades: –There is no need for you to buy new additional blades because with this Parker 96R, you will also get 5 free SHARK blades which is so far the best blades on the market. Once they get finished, you can order a packet from AMAZON for as low as $5.
  • It brings back traditional shaving:-As technology improves, people’s way of grooming also advances. Paying this and paying that. Most men are nowadays using high-end shaving tools that don’t even give them their desired look. Some would cost them as much as $150 but won’t even give them a close shave, just fancy designs and accessories, but other than that, it can’t do what it serves to do. Parker-96R is inexpensive, very easy to use, it works on thick beard / hair and it also brings back our traditional shaving techniques.
  • It good and fits on big hands: –Parker 96R is made with a long handle to cater the needs of those with men having difficulties with short-handle razors like Merkur 34c. It will surely fit in any hand, regardless of its width / length. This Parker-96R is truly a real man’s razor.

3.Micro Touch Max Hair Remover

This brand isn’t that much popular when you compare it withMerkur, Edwin Jagger or Parker, So, there isn’t that much information about this, just that some of its features can be in good competition with those of Merkur razor models.

For example, it has a chrome stand which ensuresthat the razor is being kept safe after use while Merkur does not so there is a great possibility of losing or breaking it after use; the handle is also have this huge grip and is crafted to work in wet conditions which makes it easy to use. On the other hand, though having its 12 precision blade in this razordoesn’t make it so unique it still do the trick and… it still is a part of the list.


  • It is Easy to Clean and Load: –I know this is common with the other razor, in fact others can be loaded and cleaned faster (so I won’t give credit on a certain brand). However, this microtouchmodel, in this aspect, looks better than most razors in this list. If you are interested in replacing the blades just remove the head through screwing off the handle. See, the process is as quick and simple.
  • Its Weight: –When looking at its handle, I can say that this razor a bit of a weight but still, one won’t have a hard time lifting or using it. The thicker and heavier the handle of the razors are, the more it is efficient in using with any thick beard.
  • Good on Coarse Facial Hair: –With no requirement for any cartridges, this Microtouch Razor has an added advantage with its cheap price. People with bristly hair have these dilemmas with wet shaving; there are times when they shave that their razors are blocked with their hair which slows down the process. In the absence of the cartridge in this type of razor, people won’t just save their money from buying cartridge but they can also save time cleaning the razor, just remove the head and flash tap water over it. As simple as that.


Were yousearching for the convenient razor all along? Then, finally,here is the silver tone double edge razorto cater your need. This is a light razor and it looks like it can fit in all hand sizes whether small or large.

With its Double Edge razors, you may not have to twist the razor every time you change your shaving direction because it can shave from both sides. The type of blades to be used in this razor is not hard to find since it only require for the standard dimension of a blade (L = 4.3cm/1.7” x W2.3cm/0.9”).you may also find it easy to shave in the shower or any wet shave since the nonslip metal handle will remain intact in your hands. And lastly, for men with heavy beards, this can be your best choice.


  • Inexpensive: –Throwing those dozens of dollars for expensive things? Well, it ends with silver tone double edge razor. This is the most affordable and non-disposable razor of all time. It even also cost less than the other most disposable razors. See how affordable it is? It doesn’t mean that a thing is cheap, it won’t work, it does. It cost less but it serves the same purpose and it is doing well on it. Peopleuse different thingsbut still gets the same result the only differences is that one paid higher that the other.
  • It will pass a lead test:– looking at the price, some might judge its quality. Well, I can’t blame you for being so secure with what you buy. That’s why, a lead test can help you with that. Through this test, one might be able to figure out its durability and functionality. Want to check it out yourself? Simply go to a hardware, buy lead tester, drop the razor in and you’ll surely get a negative result. It’s also a bit surprising to find more than 1200 reviews of this very affordable razor on AMAZON. Though it’s not a guarantee for a perfect product, well, it sure is a proof that it’s high quality considering the number of reviews online.
  • It will Pimp Your Face:-I am not forcing anyone to buy this razor. What I give are facts about this product and costumers’ feedback on this razor, in this way, I can avoid irrelevant recommendations. So far, according to those people I asked regarding this razor, they are contented with this product because aside from being very affordable, it serves very well its function too.

5. Merkur Classic Straight Safety Razor

One of the list will make a man remind him of his good old days. This Merkur Classic or 33c model is one of the most affordable razors on the market. Aside from its nice style, it is also said to be of great use for the beginners because it’s a bit lighter than other razors and a slightly longer handle. It is well-suited with thin-bearded men.

6.Merkur Long Handled Double Edge Safety Razor Chrome #180, 10 Double Edge Platinum Blades

Aside from Merkur classic Safety Razor, there is another model made for those men who won’t find the first mentioned Merkur model efficient. Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Chrome Safety Razor is then designed for men with big hands. With its long handle, men with big hands won’t find it hard to use it.

Either shaving enthusiast or even safety razor beginners would definitely enjoy this razor which is designed to be water resistant and constructed with extra-long handle, spectacular chrome finish.

7. Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor (Blade Included)

One of the favorites in the razor market is another model of Merkur—the Merkur #34C, a wonderfully weighted and crafted razor. An import from Germany, constructed with a stainless steel and having a double-edged razor could possibly be the reason of attraction of those shaving enthusiast. Though it may have aa bit of shortness in its handle, men still prefers it thus it still gives a justly close shave.

8. Edwin Jagger DE89bl Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

Featuring a double-edged baled that can cut even those very tiny and stubborn hair, This Edwin Jagger DE89bl safety razor can be considered a masterpiece. This razor is very well-balanced making it a breeze to make quick and easy passes over your face and get an excellent shave. It also comes with a gorgeous Edwin Jagger packaged in card presentation box that shows off sophistication and drives out that masculinity that a man would want.

In Summary

Keep in mind that once you have started to be in the shaving guild, it will surely be a new ball game. Shaving is an art of grooming that once you’ve started with, and seen the transformation it has done to you, you surely won’t get away with. With the use of your personal shaving tool, shaving cream and a manual shaver, you can get as macho as you can be.

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