Best walking shoes for women

One of the best form of exercise that can effectively reduce your blood pressure, cholesterol levelsand can boost your stamina and mood is Walking. While you are walking, all your body parts are in motion, so you will get a complete workout result.

Walking is is very enjoyable and easy to do because you can choose the place you want to walk . You can even do it daily. When you want to buy something in the market or in the grocery store, instead of commuting, walk a distance. You will benefit on saving your fare and providing you’re a good exercise that would definitely improve your health. So, before you start walking, always wear shoes that are comfortable and can take you a long distance without hurting your feet.

We have here a list of shoes that is proven best for walking or even running. Check them out!!

Top 5 Best Walking Shoes For Women update 09/2016

1.ASICS Gel Frequency 2 Review

This brand of shoes has been tested by two customers to know if the performance is worth the price. The result of the test tells that, whether you are looking for a pair of shoes that will suit your daily routine of walking, or just want to buy a pair shoes for sports or for daily use, theASICS Gel Frequency 2 is suitable for all occasions. Here are the best features of ASIC according to the reviews.

  • The GF2 shoes can be used for a long distance walk everyday even for running. It is ideal for any occasion.
  • It provides comfort for your feet. Even for a long walk, you will never experience soreness and any discomfort when wearing this shoe. For those who had experienced pain in the heel, this shoe is ideal for you.
  • You can rely on its durability since it is made from sturdy and imported materials, which guarantee to take you miles and miles everyday without easily wearing off. It can last for many years.

2.New Balance 928 Review

The New Balance 928 is a very comfortable walking footwear. It comes with a fashionable design that any women would surely love to wear in their everyday occasion.

When I saw this footwear online, I was attracted to the design, but the very important details of the shoe that really caught my attention and made me decide to buy the footwear are:

  • New Balance Women’s WW28 is now with a new motion design called the Rollbar. Rollbar is designed to prevent foot pain or soothe existing foot pain. This is very helpful to me, because I have a busy day everyday and usually experienced foot pain due to my movements. But this shoe is equipped with a rollbar with a mid-foot cushion to make your feet more comfortable and it offers great stability. It is easy to clean because it comes with leather uppers.
  • It is very stylish and at the same time provide effective e foot support and stability.
  • It has an extra cushion which makes it a comfortable pad for your foot. The thick cushion prevents your foot from moving inward while walking. So, with these shoes, you can walk with a sure stride and with a perfect stability and comfort.

These are the amazing features of these shoes that greatly impressed me. I highly recommend this footwear to every busy moms out there. I guarantee you that you will never regret in choosing this brand because of its great quality and style.

3.ASICS GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Review

The ASIC Gel Tech walker Neo 4 comes with a very attractive design and features that enhances your walking experience according to one review. So, when I have tried it myself, I am very satisfied with its very amazing features such as:

  • The Biomorphic fit upper that can provide your foot with a perfect fit without the hassle of slipping.
  • The top Soft Doumax that will accommodate your toe perfectly. So, your whole foot is perfectly cushioned from heel to toe.
  • This shoe is the perfect reflection of a high end shoes. The lacing design of this footwear helps in reducing the pressure, so you can have a comfortable and stable ride.
  • The built heel and the gel cushioning of the foot reduces the amount of force so you will have a smooth ride.
  • It offers great stability caused by its dual density foam that provides a solid support. The lightweight arch support allows the shoe foot to flex with your every movement while the arch support remains rigid to keep protecting your arches.

The ASIC gel tech walker is the best shoe for an active and fashionable woman like you. This is perfect for your everyday routine and guaranteed that your money really worth the quality and the performance of this shoe. It will not just look good on your feet, but also, gives comfort and support for your feet. It allows you to cover long distances in walking. It will not hurt your foot no matter what the terrain is and you can walk comfortably without hurting your feet.

4.Vionic Orthaheel Walker Review

  • The Vionic orthaheel walker is designed for a pain free walking experience. It is a motion control shoe that made to provide comfort and support to your foot while walking for long terrains. The unique thing about the motion controlling foot bed is, it prevents foot odor. The heel cup realigns your every stride, so you will achieve your fitness goal.
  • The Orthaheel Walker is designed for people with over pronation. It is capable of limiting every excess motion of the foot.
  • This shoe is also suitable for walker or runners with flat feet issues. Having flat feet problems, your walking will be compromised because as your arches collapse, it will cause your knees and ankles to torque inwards.
  • This shoe has a very thick midsole that is made from durable material. It is effective in helping to support and correct your posture. You will be able to have an aligned stride without rolling inward.

This shoe is made of leather so it is water resistant. As we all know, leather is a very durable material used even before.


  • It has great stability because of the foot bed that has a deep heel cup. This heel cup also supports the realignment.
  • The rubber outsole is designed to manage excess foot motion thru the entire walk.
  • It promotes a walking experience that is free from foot pain that sometimes due to lower limb alignment.
  • It reduces over pronation and therefore reduce the issues of flat feet.
  • It offers perfect support and stability because of its amazing feature which is the Thermoplastic heel.
  • Available in fashionable designs that is also guaranteed to offer better performance and quality.

5.New Balance 577 Review

This walking footwear is easy to put on and easy to take off. But it still provides a perfect fit that you don’t have to worry about accidentally slipping off from your foot while walking or running. This New balance 577 shoes have a new technology called the ABZORB SBS which is located on the heel of the shoe. This feature as a shock absorber. This is best suitable for active women. It is designed with a hook and loop closure so no hassles of tying the laces.

  • It provides greater stability because of the patented Walking Strike Path. The cushioning makes the shoe comfortable.
  • It has multifunctional technology, which provides the walking strike path.
  • It can manage the excess motion of the foot or over pronation.
  • It is made of thicker midsoles and guaranteed durable and not easily wear off even to people who are heavy weight.
  • The rubber soles are designed for a better traction so you will not easily slip on slippery terrains.
  • The ABZORB technology in the heel absorbs shock effectively stylizing the pressure on all are by the foot. Meaning, every impact will not be focusing on one area which is the major cause of pain.
  • It has an additional space in the toe box to prevent your toe from curling and the cushion prevents your foot on moving towards the front. You will experience a comfortable fit that is still breathable for your foot

So, that’s it!!! The New Balance 577 is definitely a perfect shoe for runners, walkers and also for daily use. It has all the features that can provide a comfortable and effective exercise throughout the day. And speaking of the quality, it is highly recommended because of its durability and performance.

Top 5 Best Walking Shoes For Women update 08/2015

1.Saucony Progrid Integrity ST2 Review

The Saucony Progrid Integrity ST2 in the ideal shoe for a regular or neutral walker. It is designed to provide a comfortable and perfect fit. The stretch Zone style offers a sock fit that really moves with every motion of your feet. The features which are the; heel pro grid, molded midsole, leather upper, HRC strobe board, sock liner and the blown outsole that is made of carbon rubber. All these features make this shoe provides a great experience in walking. Check out the most important main features of this shoe.

Main features

  • Arch support – provide support to your arches, and balanced your every stride. This is great for people with plantar fasciitis because it can effectively prevent heel pain. Complete with support, balance and stability, which make this shoe the best show for neutral walker and for people with foot issues.
  • High rebound compound – which provide a comfortable cushioning for your foot, making you feel like you are walking on a soft cloud. It is just not provide support but also it corrects your gait.
  • Available in three colors; white, black and stone. These colors main purpose is to blend with the terrains that you will be walking. Dust and mud will not compromise its look. It is also ideal for casual wear or any day to day occasion.

The Saucony Women’s Progrid Integrity ST2 is definitely one of the best products in this line. It is designed for your comfort and stability while walking. They also take great consideration for walkers with foot problems. The price is just a bargain considering the quality and the performance of this shoe. You will never regret once you purchase this. This is not expensive as the competitors but it competes with quality and performance.

2.New Balance 1765 Review

New Balance is being motivated by technology to make a modern walking and running shoes that will surely fit into your different activity everyday. New Balance Women’s WW1765 shoe is said to be the premier fitness walker shoe and the new variety of shoes that fits for every woman out there perfectly. Aside from its technological features, WW1765 shoe gives the users the complete support and cushioning making it more comfortable to use. The New Balance becomes more popular because of WW1765 which is made with a very convenient design and advanced technology. This is the reason why does your step bounces as you walk, it is an enough evidence that this shoe is very comfortable to wear. Aside from that, the cushioned collar of this shoe gives comfort to your feet when wearing this. The shoe comes with the best technology features such as:

  • Fantom Fit for extremely lightweight support.
  • ABZORB for long lasting cushioning
  • For flat-form cushioning is the N2 technology
  • PU Strobel as additional cushioning
  • Endurance for permanent outsole
  • REVlite for middle-sole which is 30% lighter compared to New Balance foam

3.New Balance 665 Review

The New Balance made another amazing walking shoe which is similar to their running shoe because it has the same advanced technology features. Made with hospitable mesh material that gives a cool breathe ability feeling with reduced foot swelling to the users. What makes it even better? It is designed well with a pillow like sole supporting which gives instant comfort to the users as they walk. The New Balance 665 has a sporty style and an ultra-light shoe with a soft color palette which makes it more attractive. Its cushioning has an amazing feature because it does not only provides comfort to the user, but it also teaches the body to a natural gait that allows the user to absorb an extreme shoch and even returning the enhanced energy.

What makes it more attractive? The New Balance 665 comes with different gentle colors with additional flair such as white, pink, blue, black and even purple which is most girls’ favorite color. Compared to other walking shoes, it is not that big, but with a pretty and fashionable look. It is said to be the unique shoes because it has a great breathe ability which other walking shoes doesn’t have, in the market today. This type of shoe is unbeatable if you’re working up sweaty or under a hot day. Since it has a similarity to the running shoes, its obviously light with walking strike path technology that helps you to make a proper stride. It has an amazing feature of ABZORBin the midfoot that provides in returning great energies.

Surprisingly, this shoe supports the cure for breast cancer patient that’s why it comes with a standard price. In purchasing these shoes, you will surely feel good and happy knowing that you help other people on fighting in their battle. I guarantee to you that this shoe will not disappoint you and waste your money, but it will satisfy you instead.

4.Brooks Addiction Walker Review

Brooks Addiction Walker is said to be the new revolution in footwear and the best solution for women’s aching feet during running for exercise or even standing all day at work according to some popular reviews. It gives a comfortable fit and a feeling of wearing a running shoe, but this is for walking. Amazingly, this shoe is the common recommendation of doctors for people with sensitive feet because it gives foot protection and relief.

This walking shoe comes with a motion control that limits the extra motion or overpronation causing flat feet that are not genetic. It usually happens when the arch of the foot collapses from being not too much connected with the ground. Brooks Addiction Walker has the stability that gives an exact stage of corrective support so that the foot will be in the right place. It also helps to avoid the feet of twisting inward that causes too much pain. This shoe also helps in reducing back pain which is said to be the outcome after running or walking. It has an amazing features such as:

  • MoGo midsole cushioning that gives excess energy most especially for people that needs more strength to stand up and go.
  • It is slip-resistant shoe that is good for women that work in the medical and service professions who are standing all day and also helps when running or walking during rainy and snowy seasons.

The good on this shoe is it comes with different size and color such as brown, black, white and even multi-colored which allows you to choose what you want. It is also made in a traditional lace-up style.

5.New Balance 847 Review

Another amazing shoe made by New Balance that is said to be the best choice for people who does health walking but felt sudden pain in their foot. The New Balance Women’s WW847 is a type of corrective shoe that helps you to build a perfect posture and allows you to walk without experiencing any pain. Aside from its motion control function, it is an ultra-light shoes and very stable compared to others.

How does the motion control work?

It is used to label as corrective shoes and its purpose is to limit the extra motion that causes flat feet. It has the possibility that the arches will collapse, which causes too much pain during walking. As you experience flat feet, your ankles and knees will move slightly inwards as you and makes the arches to collapse more. It is the reason why motion control shoes are being made, to correct those issues.

What’s special with this walking shoe?

This walking shoe was manufactured from USA which is made from leather and synthetic with man-made sole. It features the trademark of New Balance which is Rollbar; a graphite bar placed in the rear of the midsole to make your foot stable, while controlling some inward routines. What’s good about this shoe is very comfortable to wear and safe fit with breathable upper that prevents your feet from overheating. It has a traditional lacing up closure with mesh-coated tongue so as the foam-padded tongue and collar. It has different colors that allow you to choose which color that attracts you such as Grey with Pink, White, Black and even White with Blue.

This shoe is not that expensive and it will surely satisfy you because it last longer when you handle it with care. It is very comfortable to use and has a fashionable style. It doesn’t mean that is not good just because it is an ultra-light shoes. The truth is, it comes with amazing features.

The main purpose of New Balance in making a durable well-balanced and practical shoes with advanced technology is to help the athletes in achieving their goals. They became more popular because of their amazing product that the users really enjoyed using it.

So, those are the selection of footwear that will surely meet your need for a shoe. Just take your pick and order. You are guaranteed for its quality and reliability. The prices are not so expensive compared to other brands, but rest assure that these shoes posses the quality of an expensive shoe. The reviews are based on real people who have purchased the shoes. So, they are reliable and definitely experienced the best performance of the shoes they have chosen.



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