You might have heard about the rapid and the vigorous boom of protein powders on the market these recent times. You might even be wondering what is it with these powders why a lot of people wanted to have it. This article will provide you a comprehensive understanding about the wonders of protein powders and how it becomes an excellent supplement for healthy and fit body. Additionally, this article also laid down a brief and concise review of the best protein powder products on the market today.

Protein powders have gained popularity in supplementing workout and diet regimens of athletes, body builders, and fitness enthusiasts, among others who wants to live a healthy lifestyle nowadays. These protein supplements are regarded to be effective in building and developing muscle mass and in restraining people’s inherent desires for foods. Hence, this is perceived to be a very good component of the regular diet. Among the several varieties of manufactured protein powders, Whey Protein is the most highly regarded variety by the general public.

Getting to Know The Best Whey Protein Powder Supplements

Over the recent years, whey protein supplements have been critically analyzed and examined by medical professionals with respect to its benefits and potential harms to people’s health. Nevertheless, various users have continuously supported the claims that it produces effective results, which reasonably shows why it has made its way through the top.

Milk has an inherent protein compound called casein protein and whey protein. The former covers about 80% in milk while the latter covers only 20%. When the two are separated during cheese production, whey is finely distinguished. In other words, it is the serum or the liquid part of milk after being separated from the curd when producing cheese. The protein compounds in whey is the existing protein found in milk. In order to come up with the protein supplements, whey is developed in powder form to appropriately distribute it for consumption. By mixing the powder with water, you can now come up with a pleasant-tasting, frothy beverage that is already good for drinking.

Whey is essentially a complete protein because of its organic compound composition. It has low levels of milk sugar or lactose and a good source of 9 essential amino acids that are beneficial for the health. When there is an appropriate intake of protein in the body, muscle growth and tissue repairs are guaranteed. In essence, supplements that are made from whey proteins will really give your body ample amount of protein nourishment and body endurance.

Who should consume Best whey protein supplements?

This supplement is not only for active individuals like athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It can be consumed by people of all ages who desire a protein supplemented diet. It is also a best remedy for individuals who are protein deficient.

When is the best time to drink your whey protein shake?

Consuming whey protein shake has no specific schedule. However, experts recommended that the most ideal times would be before performing physical activities and after performing those activities. Studies have revealed that consuming protein supplements, like protein shakes, before or after a rigorous physical activity improve muscle endurance and body immunity.

Consume 20-25 grams of protein shake BEFORE heading to the gym, trekking your way to the mountains, going out for outdoor biking, or jogging in the park, among other physical activities. Since whey proteins have rapid digestion rate, this provides the body the needed amount of nutrition, endurance, and energy levels when it is already in its actual performance. Moreover, it allows the body to resist the severe effects of vigorous training such as extreme muscle breakdowns and sprains.

On the other hand, consuming the same amount of protein shake AFTER those activities provides the body its needed amino acids. These enable quicker body recovery from exhaustion, revitalized muscular energy and strength, and aids in repairing and building new muscles.

Should you desire for intensive strength, you can consume protein shake supplement before and after workout sessions.

Which among the several whey products is best for me?

Because of the several existing varieties of protein powder on the market today, selecting the best whey protein would be confusing and intimidating especially for beginners.

A lot may be enticed with whey protein supplements that are loaded with advertisings and other forms of public promotions. These products are usually the big names in the market that have brilliant marketing strategies for product promotion. This include welcoming labels and packagings, motivating fitness models, positive online product reviews, and several other elaborate plans of action to persuade people to purchase the product. On the other hand, some of the best protein products do not spend too much on publications and advertisements to gain roaring public notices.

Regardless of product promotion means, these are some of the most important things that need to be considered when searching and selecting protein powder.

How much is the protein amount that it will give for every serving?

Remember that a good protein supplement will provide you a minimum amount of 20-25 grams of protein per serving.

Does the product label contain other nutrients like carbohydrates and fats, among others?

Some products contained also other nutrients while others do not. Do not be deceived by constant advertisements, instead turn your focus on the nutritional level.

Does it have large contents of sugar, fats and calories per serving?

This is highly applicable for individuals who are aiming for a productive weight loss. It is better to avoid protein supplements that have high fat and sugar contents. These extra ingredients will not be helping you achieve your weight loss goal, but will just create extra problems for you.

Is the price right?

Get the right value for every tub of protein supplement that you want to give a try. The usual market prices for quality proteins that comes in a 5-pound tub is not more than $50-$60; 2-pound tub is not going to exceed $25; and 101-pound tub is not going to cost you higher than $120.

Is the manufacturing company reliable and trustworthy?

Be vigilant about how a company delivers its product to the public. Nowadays, since there are lots of manufacturing companies that specialize in producing protein supplements, it is hard to decipher who are genuine and who are not. In cases like this, it is best to remain loyal with esteemed and well-established companies to ensure product quality and safety.

The Top Ten Best Weigh Protein Powder Supplements on the Market

The products listed here are considered best sellers in the market and has been regarded by many satisfied customers with the highest and positive protein supplement review. So, if you are looking for the best protein supplements in powdered form, check out these top ten (10) products listed here. All of these guarantee quality and reliability in providing your body the appropriate amount of protein it deserve. Moreover, all of these come with reasonable price tags and can be both consume by men and women.

Top 10 – Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion

This protein beverage has optimum protein nutrients with a powerful blend of six amino acids. Gaspari nutrition provides the body with 24 grams of protein per serving. It has concentrated whey protein ingredients, brown rice protein, egg albumen, casein and whey protein isolate, and protein hydrolysate. It can be consumed anytime of the day as you desire. It guaranteed effectiveness as it has no artificial sweeteners and synthetic colors.

Top 9 – CytoSport Muscle Milk Lean Muscle Protein Powder

If you want to have lean muscles, then you should try this protein supplement. The CytoSport Muscle Milk is a lactose-free protein powder that has a desirable taste and effective performance. Once blended with water, it provides the body helpful milk proteins and amino acids, which aids the development of muscle tissues. It also comes with 20 essential organic substances per serving. Muscle Milk can be consumed by anyone, especially those who engages in activities that require muscle exertion and those who wants to enhance their protein intake.

Top 8 – Nature’s Best Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder

This mild-flavored protein powder is loaded with absolute whey protein isolate. The Zero Carb Isopure also comes with several vitamins and minerals to keep the muscles strong and body going when performing intense workout routines. It is 100% free from sugar, lactose, and carbohydrates. When dissolved in water, it offers a perfect blend of total milk protein beverage.

Top 7 – MusclePharm Combat Powder Advanced Time Release Protein

Provide your muscles with a protein powder that digests for up to eight hours with MusclePharm Combat Powder. Individuals who engaged in vigorous and strength demanding performance should take this protein powder as it offers 25 grams of protein per serving. It is a good supplement so that your body would not look for snacks or in between meals in a day. The concentrated powder can be easily dissolved for easy blending. More so, it has a glutamine component to promote healthy metabolism and muscle recovery.

Top 6 – Dymatize Iso-100 Post Workout and Recovery Supplements

If you desire to consume a speedy digestive protein supplement that is sugar free, then you should go for Dymatize Iso-100. This protein source enhances muscle recovery with its whey protein hydrolysate. A scoop of this product provides the body up to 24 grams of high-quality performing protein. It is effective in building and maintaining muscle mass.

Top 5 – Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex

The Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex has combined quality proteins, vitamins and minerals, and amino acids. Pro Nutrition’s formula is perfect in building muscles and making them stronger and bigger. The blend has exclusive isolate and hydrolyzed proteins along with low sugar and fat levels. For those individuals who have been training consistently over the years, this tasty beverage provides a solid protein source.

Top 4 – BSN Syntha 6

BSN has been carefully formulated to deliver an incredible taste of blended proteins. Every serving of this product provides the body with 22 grams of protein. This supports the growth and development of body muscles while preventing the build-up of body fats. It also comes with six varieties of protein sources, egg, whey and casein, fibers and healthy fats that aids in digestion and in providing the body appropriate levels of calories.

Top 3 – MuscleTech Phase 8

This product has moved one place down in the rankings for this year. Nevertheless, it is still considered to be one of the best whey protein on the market. Phase 8 has a blended formula that will never leave the body immense craving for foods and contains digestive rate at different levels. It is a source of six high quality proteins that is very beneficial for the body. Every serving of this protein supplement supplies the body of up to 26 grams of protein.

Top 2 – Cellucor COR-Performance Whey

Cellucor is a protein powder that is formulated with low carbohydrate components. With just a scoop of a blended powder, it will be able to provide the body with 25 grams rapid acting protein. It is great tasting and is packed with full protein to aid the body in maintaining lean muscles. Moreover, this product is low in fat and carbohydrates so you need not worry of fat build-ups.

Top 1 – Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

Over the years, Optimum Nutrition has been considered to be the most outstanding protein powder compared to other products.

This product is the top title holder among all whey protein supplements on the market today. Why? Because it has proven its effectiveness to its users with reference to the several whey protein powder reviews over the web. It is cost-effective and pleasant tasting. The components of the powder have superior quality proteins that can be easily digested, hence a perfect protein source for those belonging to the athletic community. This is surely a perfect investment for a healthy living.


Looking for a protein powder that provides optimum results and quality is not easy. There are several factors that should be considered aside from tempting price tags and advertising popularity. The digestibility and the amount of proteins that it will provide should also be regarded. The abovementioned products are provided with the basic information for you to have knowledge of what’s inside their formulations.

Should I consider these protein powders as my only protein source?

Most people think that consuming protein powders provide them the perfect protein supplements for their body. However, this should not be the ideal line of thinking. A supplement is supposed to serve as a product to supplement what seems to be insufficient in the body. The primary source of protein should come from the regular dietary consumption. Should these diet plans do not provide the appropriate level of protein, then supplements are perfect to supply what’s lacking. Hence, it is important to balanced a diet and the intake of protein shakes to acquire perfect body benefits.

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