Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, Chocolate

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, Chocolate

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A muscle-building product that delivers on its promise is as hard to find today as a wonder drug that is guaranteed to work. With Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, you get so much for such a simple 12-pound whey protein pack.

  • Weight gains are not impossible, in fact they are guaranteed; as this protein powder review will prove. Not the kind of weight that you might term obese, but pure muscle mass. Using your body’s own protein utilization abilities, Serious Mass gets the job done and does it right.
  • By putting on extra weight in this manner, you can get that physique that you have only ever dreamed of before.
  • In addition to convenient positive-calorie intake (1,250 per shake!) the taste of this whey protein mix is simply divine; it is after all chocolate flavored. Gone are the days when men used to drink disgusting blends just to stay fit. Better modern mixes brought appreciable flavors with them, so no more block-nose-and-gulp-down.
  • People who work out intensely often have a hard time getting the right quantities of calories. This is especially true for those who lead an active life and have great metabolism. All their calories are burned away faster than average people.
  • However, with Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass getting you a solid 1,250 calories per protein mix (per glass), you cannot go wrong with putting on exercise-essential pounds. Blend instead with low fat milk and you have yourself 1,640 calories to bank on.
  • You also get an extra 50 grams of protein into your body per serving.
  • Intense workouts mean intense energy use, which is why Serious Mass introduced 250 grams of carbohydrates into its blend. It makes things that much better when it comes to fueling your exercise routines and replenishing any lost glycogen levels in your system. You are certain to be a powerhouse of energy; imagine what this could do for your sex life.
  • As with all such whey protein reviews, learning what the ingredients are can make all the difference between yawning and curiosity. In this protein muscle-builder marvel, you have MCT’s, 25 different minerals and vitamins, Glutamine, and Creatine (to name only a few). Together they work wonders for muscle growth through ideal protein synthesis.


One of the best features about this product (all whey protein reviews about it make mention as well) is that it contains absolutely no sugar. The chocolate flavor is designed perfectly without the use of preservatives or harmful chemicals but natural products and an ingenious scientific trick of the trade.

If like most body builders you maintain a smart schedule to balance your routines, you will certainly appreciate the convenience of consuming this mix each day. After workout, before bed, in between meals are your three options for drinking a glass of this wonder-whey shake. You get no hassle or unwanted lifestyle changes at all.


Get yourself an electric blender. All bodybuilding professional do and you are after all serious about bulking and shaping. Add in fresh or frozen fruits, nuts, and healthy researched-before-use calorie-imparting ingredients to this mix. The muscle recovery possibilities are nothing short of outstanding.

No sugar, less than 5 grams of fat per serving, and all the calories and health you need in a glass of whey protein magic are sure to render your workout sessions a mega success.

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