A rangefinder is a camera equipped with a rangefinder. It enables the shooter to take distance-measured pictures that are extremely focused and sharp. Most of the rangefinders show two images of the very same subject. Golf rangefinders are used in golf. It can be a standalone built device. It is extremely recommended for high standard and highly trained golfers to get a better catch and measurement of the distance. It gives the perfect and accurate reading of the yardage which is very important for a golfer.

These five golf rangefinders are extremely popular and recommended for their specifications, values, features and design win over the golfers.


The Bushnell Tour V3 comes in flashier red/black/white combinations. The case of the Tour V3 is designed so as to improve the ergonomics of the tool, so much so that it fits neatly in your hands. The Bushnell Tour V3 is so easy to use. Press a button and it’s on. Press it again to measure. It’s affordable and water resistant. The Bushnell Tour V3 comes with PinSeeker Technology, Jolt Technology to zero-in on the flag. It is equipped with 1-yard accuracy and 5X magnification. It is designed to promote stable grip. The battery of 3 Volts comes with a Premium carry case. Rainproof design and warranty of 2 years makes The Bushnell Tour V3 a best buy.

The Bushnell V3 is fast and the case is new. The case comes with a bungee too. The range is spectacular. Intermediate target thus not required. It’s equipped with PinSeeker technology.

The only downside of the Bushnell Tour V3 is that the jolt technology triggers a buzzing. It’s way better without it too. The readings might take longer.

It has an award winning Pin-seeker technology. The design, feel as well as the performance is brilliant.



Leupold 119088 GX -4i2 Golf rangefinder is one of the best rangefinders available in the market. It is very light to carry and weighs 7.9 ounces. The magnification available is 6X and the Maximum Pin range is 450 yards. It is equipped with PinHunter 2 Laser Technology and Club selector Features.

It comes with a warranty of two years. The Prism Lock Technology and OLED (vivid) display makes it stand out of the rest. The object aperture is 22 mm. be it any weather, this water proof device is good to go.

It has excellent durability, enhanced with rugged and weather friendly features. It also has the fog mode. It can scan through the weather giving you an accurate reading no matter what the weather condition is. It also gives you with a lot of critical information and is well constructed.



Bushnell tour Z6 with jolt gets flags till 450 yards by 410 meters away. It is extremely fast and the range is brilliant. It is equipped with PinSeeker Jolt and has the clarity of VDT. Bushnell tour Z6 rangefinder with jolt is ½ yard accuracy and the distance can be shown down to 1 part of 10 of a yard. It has a waterproof shell. The field of view is very wide. It has an automatic scan mode. The automatic scan mode is done by pressing the power button, scan around different points and receive distances instantly.

Bushnell tour Z6 with jolt is equipped with good yardage display and red aiming circle. It comes with a 2 year warranty. The weight of the device is 7.9 ounces. The pouch that comes with it is brought in with a magnetic latch.

The Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder with jolt comes with CR2 3-volt battery. The red display is really appealing and is rain proof. It has a second generation E.S.P and is fully water proof. It is also tour certified. It has an adjustable diopter setting.

It is the world’s most technologically advanced laser. It has an increased acquisition speed. Bushnell tour Z6 with jolt is accurate no matter what your skill level is.



Firstly, the color combination of precision pro v400 is brilliant. It is not the vibrant combo but comes in the subtle classy and professional touch. It has got 400 yard range to flag. The accuracy is +/-1 Yard guarantees accurate reading. It has been certified for tournament play and is equipped with flag seeking mode. It also has scanning mode that allows you to get the measure of multiple objects. The magnification is 6X and comes with a one year warranty.

The measurement can be both in yards as well as meters. It also provides you with the binocular function. It gives you the confidence to pull out the correct club.

The size is compact and is not bulky. It can be carried around easily and is a great product for it is price and comes with a one year warranty.

Also, it measures the closest object every time, when kept in front of a group of objects.



Bushnell pro X7 slope range finder is equipped with slope-adjusted distances, and offers the next generation E. S. P (extreme , speed and precision ). It’s waterproof and comes with a 2 year warranty. The display is extremely accurate and comes in with VDT. Bushnell pro X7 has a posi thread battery door and is tour certified. It has a 3- volt 123 battery. A first-class carry case is included. It’s accurate to half yard. It zeros on the flag.

The ranging capability of Bushnell pro X7 with jolt is fantastic and gives ultra accurate yardage. The magnification is 7 times. It is extremely portable and easy to use. Not to be missed, the E. S. P is second generation. The slope technology of the Bushnell Pro X7 slope golf laser rangefinder with jolt is based on the decline and incline of the hole. And it’s manufactured with premium HD optics. This ensures bright and clear images.


Why choose a Range finder over a GPS?

It is easier to just take your range finder out of your bag, direct it towards your target and get a reading. Hence it’s extremely easy to use. One plus point is, with a GPS unit you need to download and manage the maps of courses manually. The files need to be opened before you hit the course and that can be tiring.

With the laser range finder you are not required to download or install any map of the course for readings. The vertical beams or lasers measure the distance you need without any hassle. GPS companies can have a limit on the number of courses you have. Thus this is a disadvantage for those who use GPS units over Laser range finders.

With the GPS you need a yearly subscription. There is no such subscription needed when it comes to Laser range finders. They are very accurate and free of cost when it comes to registration.

The Range finders are very precise and are highly recommended for those who are not that good with technology.

If the user wants to go for the various technologies like Pin-seeker and other modes, laser range finders are recommended and GPS is not equipped with these.

What to Look For Before Buying A Golf Range Finder?

Firstly, a laser range finder is more accurate. It is very flexible and helps you find and measure distance with great ease. It is flexible, it highly accurate, does not require any annual subscription. Golf rangefinders do not require the golfer to upload or update the golf course.

When buying golf rangefinder, you need to consider the following criterions:

  • Range or Yard coverage:

The range should be long enough to cover and measure your golf course. It won’t make sense if the range is shorter than the measure of the golf course. There will be inaccuracies. Each and every range finder is brought it with a maximum and a minimum coverage. It should definitely be taken into consideration before investing in a golf rangefinder.

  • Accuracy:

The game of golf is determined by the level of accuracy and intricacy. Most rangefinders guarantee accuracy, but it should be critically analyzed. Here, user reviews are very important and do read thoroughly before the purchase.

  • Battery Life:

A golf game can go on for a pretty long time and if the rangefinder drains out when you need it the most, it really will not make sense to spend a fortune on it. It can be very expensive to replace the battery. Here, again, customer reviews are important and should be considered. A good battery life goes a long way.

  • Size and weight:

Golf requires mobility. A golfer will never ever prefer a bulky rangefinder. They would like to be as free as possible. It would be extremely irritating if you had to carry around a weighty rangefinder after paying so much for it.

Tips for using a golf range finder:

  • Videos on YouTube can really help you master your skill when it comes to using the rangefinder. The ones made by the manufacturers will help you the most.
  • Reading the manual that comes with the rangefinder really helps. It contains all the specifications and features of the product and thus helps you get a better understanding of it. It is better to spend 30 minutes on reading that book than spending money to get the device fixed when you turn it into a mess.
  • Use the built in technology. These facilities not only make the game super interesting but also does it make it easy and technical thus providing another dimension to it.
  • There are various modes like the Pin Seeker mode and the First Target priority mode. It measure distances in a very different way. They are extremely helpful and help the not so steady golfers.
  • Practice on large targets. This need not necessarily be in the course itself. It can be anywhere. Just step out and you will get a million targets. Practice on this. You might not get it right at first, but practice will surely make it perfect.
  • Practice on things that are near too. Start with the closest object and then move far. Accuracy is the key and for that you need to practice.

So no matter where you play, with friends or with the elite group of people, one of these is definitely a must. Do carry a course guide and plan your shot well before you play it. These are extra useful on courses that have few yardage markers. A rangefinder will speed your game up. Looking for markers and thinking about the yardage not only makes the game slow, it compels you to take hasty decisions. We all know that is an absolute blunder in golf. Speed your game with a range finder.

After a detailed discussion on the golf rangefinder, it is to be noted that proper analysis is required before buying any brand. Every product has its own specifications that can be preferred by sum and not by the rest. It’s thus recommended that the buyer goes through every product minutely before investing in a particular rangefinder.

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